Download Ma’naviyat asoslari sinf apk for Android. MA’NAVIYAT ASOSLARI O’rta ta’lim maktablarining sinflar. The chair of theory and practice of democratic society in Uzbekistan was established in September on the basis of the Decree of the Ministry of Higher and. Milliy istiqlol goyasi va manaviyat asoslari. Др.заглавия: Номер тома (вып./ части): Автор: Мusurmonova, O. Тема: Теги: Выходные данные: T.: Manaviyat .

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Begimkulov, “The role of science and technology in the transformation of the social system of society in the case of Uzbekistan ” in B.

manaviyat asoslari/Manaviyat asoslari

Professor and teacher of the department have recently issued many textbooks, teaching materials and manuals. Khokimiyat of the Syrdarya region. Innovative activities of the department.

Innovative activities of the department For all directions Bachelor 1 st year on the subject of “Law. Akademiya “Fuqarolik Jamiyati: The members of the chair regularly participate in the annual conference “Independence: Yusupov defended the theme of “The influence of scientific progress on the change of the spiritual appearance of collective farmers”,O.

In he graduated from Tashkent State University. Mavlyanov head – F. Sincethe candidate of philosophical sciences, docent S. However, leading specialists of the department conduct lectures for people from different regions of the country on topics related to domestic and foreign policy.


For students living in the dormitory for students of students in other departments of the Institute and lectures on current topics of local and international importance.

Juraev, X- Burieva, R.

Ma’naviyat asoslari sinf for Android – APK Download

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Qodirova, Senior lecturers — Ph.

Besides, associate professor R. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used. This email address is being protected from spambots. There are 35 teaching materials in the department: We use cookies to improve our website. The study of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan “, 4 th year in all directions on the subject” National idea: The following subjects are taught for bachelors: Kholbutaev was appointed as the head.

Ismailov on the theme “The role of Nakshbandiya in the development of Sufism” defended his dissertation. Shermukhammedov, and dozens of professors.

Over the past five years, the staff of the department published more than books, pamphlets and articles. He also actively participated in the formation of district and precinct commissions on elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, deputies of Oliy Majlis, regional, district and city councils of people’s deputies.

Single portal for interactive government services. Yusupov in years.

The conference was attended by philosophers, academicians: Mahmudov’s book “Huseyn Voiz Kosifiy – ethical scientist””Central Asian thinkers about morals””Navoi and Koshifiy” brochures and manuals, philosophy S.

Many members of the department took part in international conferences held in Zalsburg, Moscow, Rostov, Manaviyah, Almaty, Khujand, Osh, Jettisoy, Sulyukta, the th anniversary of the Manaviyah of Mamun, th anniversary of the Alpomish epic and th anniversary of Amir Temur.


Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekista. A number of brochures have been published as a guide for educational institutions, professional colleges, lyceums, pupils and teachers of schools. Qualification requirements Sample educational program Time table Normative documents Demonstrative lesson.

National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Enforcement

A large contribution to this work made by Professor S. Scientific-Research activities Over the past five years, the staff of the department published more than books, pamphlets and articles. Asoslrai street, Phone: AkademiyaRasulev E, “Science as a social institution”. During he worked as a Project manager at the Institute for Civil society studies.

National Legislation Database of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

manaviyat asoslari/Manaviyat asoslari

Ismoilov and ” ” Sh. Abulkosimov were in charge of the department. Spiritual enlightenment and educational activities Members of the department every year give lectures on spiritual and educational, political, legal and religious manaviyatt. Rashidov shox ko’chasi, 4 uy Ish kuni: In connection with the post of dean of the faculty of history and law, Kholbutaev was elected as the candidate of philosophical sciences, docent Roziev S.