Pachakam offers healthy & delicious Naadan that will add some zing and Soaked Rice flakes (Avil Nanachathu) is a traditional Kerala snack item made with. Malayalam pachakam Ebooks – Read Malayalam Pachakam Books exclusively on Dailyhunt. Pachakam is an app for South Indian and Kerala recipes in Malayalam language. Pachakam includes a detailed and categorized Kerala.

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Majboos can be prepared with chicken,mutton or fish. Avoli plichathu is the most sought after Kerala delicacy. Very popular in Kerala, Wheat Unniyappam is a snack you will relish to the core, loved by young and old alike.

This Oreo Chocolate Cake has three layers made with white chocolate,crushed oreo and milk chocolates with a little more decoration of crushed jems. Wheat Unniyappam is a nutritious snack with the goodness of bananas. The richness of Travancore traditional culture is depicted in the exotic preparation of seafood dishes. She is an expert in providing various pacakam recipes. This is a perfect side dish for, rotis, chappathis even with rice. Fried Ginger Garlic Pathiri Fried ginger garlic pathiri is a crispy tasty pathiri which you can give with any curry.

Renukadevi Kumanan is a well versed person in providing varities of South Indian recipes and also some modern recipes. Maasu Podichath is a traditional dish of Lakshadweep people. You will find Kethels Chicken as a specialty chicken dish here.

Give Feedback Contact Support. Bread pudding is a bread based mxlayalam popular in many countries. Kozhi Nirachathu — Malabar Style Stuffed Chicken is much loved North Kerala Muslim specialty prepared at all special occasions including parties for newly married couples, Eid and Iftar.


Kethels Chicken Fry is authentic and awesome in taste and flavor. Vellarikka and jackfruit seeds pcahakam nutritious rich in vital nutrients required for body. Christmas special plum cake.

Kerala Recipes

Maasu podichath is easy to make and good in taste. Kethels Chicken is unique and special with young delicate birds selected for the preparation. Kerala recipes are unique and are lachakam worldwide for the intelligent blend of spices like pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

Try out this perfect strawberry pudding recipe that is perfect for any special. This is an eggless pudding made with fresh strawberries,milk and china grass.

Naadan Recipes from Kerala Kitchens | Pachakam

Maasu Podichath Dried Tuna fish is called Maasu. Dried Tuna fish is called Maasu. Give Feedback Contact Support. Easy and fast to make this egg roll recipe. Stir in lightly fried rice, add salt and cook for 5 minutes.

This is a very famous chicken preparation. Oreos have been one of my favourite cookies for probably forever. Dishes cooked with the available local ingredients are healthy and authentic for a foreign malxyalam who has change of pachamam, water and ambience.

Kethels Chicken is an exclusive of Hotel Rahmaniya, available in Kerala. Fried rice is a popular Chinese dish,but it is made all around the world in its own variations. Cooked spicy beef blended with fragrant rice malayalwm one of the most aromatic whole meals one will ever dream to savour.


You can explore a well detailed Wheat Unniyappam snack here. Mutton Pepper gravy is a delicious Indian recipe served as a gravy for tiffins. A fried egg is a cooked dish commonly made using a fresh hen’s egg, fried whole with minimal accompaniment.

Kerala Recipes depict the history, culture and tradition of a typical malayalee. This Strawberry pudding is a very easy to make delicious homemade pudding with few ingredients. Kerala Recipes Kerala Recipes depict the history, culture and tradition of a typical malayalee. It is a malatalam with whole chicken stuffed with spiced onions and boiled eggs and then baked. Nizana Shammas is a hosewife who has lots of interest n cooking.

This is a simple curry where in the boiled tapioca pachhakam sauted with spices and onions. My family loves bread pudding very much. Falooda is a dessert, if you look at it technically, but practically it is an any-time snack! New York Cheesecakes are creamy, and smooth, and rich, and dense, and absolutely delicious.

Ginger not only adds a wonderful taste to this dish but also makes the dish more digestible. Due to ample availability, coconut and rice based dishes are very popular in Kerala.