CHANGING GENDER ROLES AS A SOLUTION? A Reading of Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions Dr. Sumita Roy Osmania University Hyderabad. The very fact. Contents. Preface. 7. Introduction to English Drama in English. 9. Mahesh Dattani : Life and Works. A Critical Analysis of Final Solutions. Act I. Act I. Final Solutions has 69 ratings and 0 reviews: Paperback.

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An International Journal in English ISSN Such an attempt, however, must mahssh take into account the entrenched discourse of Hindu nationalism which has been cumulatively created by nationalist historiography on the one hand and the rise of Hindu nationalism on the other.

Ramanik desiring to make Javed accept his job at any cost threatens them by saying that he will call the police.

In the diary, she writes about her experience in her new house. When she compels him to confess, he says: Ramanik requests her mother not to blame them. That is why he gives shelter to Bobby and Javed in spite of being abused roundly by fijal rioting mob of Hindus outside and his wife and mother from within his house. And I knew I was thinking the same, like my father.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play by Mahesh Dattani

They beat us up! His Soultions of Secularism and Religion. Partition is almost reenacted every time there is a riot and Muslim areas have been affected…The language and the slogans of the Hindu right wing during the series of riots sincewhen the Babri masjid was vandalized, unabashedly recall partition Amhesh Vol.

Thus the play Final Solutions ends without any solutions to these communal issues that have remained in the society since solutiond. Therefore, it is left to another male, Bobby, to show that hatred for the other community, especially pertaining to its religion, rituals, culture and so on stems from ignorance, bigotry and fanaticism. But they are also mature enough to know that their union is not yet possible.

What was needed was to claim the agency for Th completing the project of modernity.


Hardika herself has become so prejudiced by these traumatic events that she not only despises the two young boys but even asks Ramnik to shut the door against them so that they may be slaughtered: How will his family members respond to either Javed or that acquaintance of his who committed the murder? But she is unable soolutions allow the friendship of Daksha and Zarine to continue because of numerous pressures.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Meghal Karki rated it really liked it Dec 09, All his passions splutions and he threw away the knife but someone else took it and stabbed the Pujari to death. Ramanik is moved and calls Javed brave. I refuse to accept the idea that the ‘isness’ of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up for the eternal ‘oughtness’ that forever confronts him.

I 11 March When Aruna comes out after taking bath, Bobby unexpectedly goes in the small temple and in spite of denial by Aruna he respectfully takes the idol in his hands and talks about communal harmony and keeps back in its place. His debut film is Mango Souffle, adapted from one of his plays.

The sense of desperation brewing among the Gujarati Muslims is likely to be contagious. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

All the three friends become frank and start cracking jokes and even throw water on each other. Has their old hostility and murderous mood, which resulted in widespread riots, looting, arson, raping and all dattanj of orgies on an unprecedented scale in —47, come n fimal a halt at least now?

Sita Ghising rated it really liked it Mar 11, He also wrote and directed the movie Morning Raaga. The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts. If you call them, they will come. Kill the sons of swine! When Ramanik inquires about the matter, she reveals that Javed was hired by a terrorist organisation and was thus expelled from his house.

Mansi Rawat rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Quotes from Final Solutions: Smita comes and apologises for exposing him.


It is these examples of administrative collusion which exacerbate those forces of marginalisation which push certain sections of the society to the peripheries by subjecting them to various kinds of deprivation and injustice.

Mahesh Dattani – Wikipedia

Suppression of religious identities because of fundamentalist activities breeds an opposed fundamentalism that can only drag us into an endless cycle of vitiating violence. They at once rush in and lock the door.

The dramatist is quick to show that the abyss is still deep forty years later and the scenes with the mob who change fjnal masks repeatedly show that the frenzy of both the communities is nothing other than a rather facile, misdirected and misguided passion. Pretty Little Bibliophile rated it liked it Nov 04, She also tells finap she came to know about this from Tasneem. Ramanik still sympathetic explains how the conflict started.

Will they be able to forgive or remain entrapped in that same cycle of sterile hate? Want to Read saving…. Veer Savarkar Prakashan, There were rumours that during the Rath Yatra of Hindus, some Muslims threw stones on the chariots that made the idols of God to fall and break into pieces and even Pujari was stabbed to death. Will it be another case of Palestine now onwards, at least in Gujarat?

Nidhi Batish rated it really liked it Nov 28, Ramnik lives only to expiate the guilt which the action of the earlier generations has fostered in him. I was swayed by what now appears to me as cheap sentiment.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play

The Complete Poems and Plays. Aruna asks Smita how she knows both of them. The play Final Solutions opens with Daksha or Hardikaa newly married girl, writing her diary on March 31,