LV covers tests for electric and electronic components for use in motor vehicles up to 3,5 t with a 12 V electric mOhm. Tolerances & standard values. LV Automotive test standard bij Hielkema Testequipment. The LV includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K damp heat. ISO , Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance .

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The fuse rated current of the vehicle fuse system must not be exceeded during the test. The superimposed alternating voltage may be applied during the entire running time of the engine. Functional status A must always be fulfilled within the voltage range applicable for the component. Assuming that the component maintains the temperature after 20 min, we have a holding time of 35 min.

Test selection table Test Applicable to Additional specifications E Long-term overvoltage E Transient overvoltage E Transient undervoltage E Jump start E Load dump E Superimposed alternating voltage Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system – for devices directly connected to battery plus: Complete device, control unit or mechatronic with housing A short circuit of a load output is defined by a lower impedance load case than with specified load up to the limit case 0?.


The DUT must then be aged at the temperature indicated in Table 80 for the specified exposure time.

LV-124/ LV-148 tests with the eTS one

Tests – Test Ka: Changes or damages must be documented in the test report and evaluated with the purchaser. Output values are ISO standards Automotive engineering. Without any knowledge in software development, construction of ordinary and complex waveforms is dead easy.

Test boundary conditions e. The usability of these typical temperature spectrums for a specific stanadrd must be verified e.

Functional status A Test pulse “severe”: Different pulse forms are used since the possible interruptions may differ greatly regarding their duration from loose contacts to permanent interruption. Then cyclical exposure of the DUT with splash water acc. In addition, a parameter test functional test must be carried out after the upper and the lower test temperature have been reached. Also for security aspects an interlock shut down can be triggered. Tests – Test Ke: This results in a number of test cycles on the basis of equation 4 of: This encoding must only be used if the component cannot be classified in the encoding a, c or d.

Subsequently, the test must be performed with 5 standard production parts.

LV – LV Automotive test standard – LV Automated System for Automotive

Also with a tabular input all kinds of waveforms can be produced immediately. VW is one of the most important standards of the automotive industry. Plastic brackets must be used to ensure that the electr.


The represented tests do not serve for component qualification or a qualification of the manufacturing process.

Function Generator Standard function generators can be connected directly to the input of the amplifier. The test is to verify functioning of the component when subjected to immediate cooling by means of immersion of the heated component.

Sample operating modes Operating mode II. If modifications to individual test sections become necessary in individual cases, these must be agreed upon separately between the responsible specialized department and the relevant manufacturer.

This allows to add e. For other terminals with “wake-up functions”, the test must also be performed. The time until this condition is achieved must be determined by the contractor through experiments and indicated in the test documentation.

Other definitions Ri Terminal designations f Internal resistance of the voltage source Acc. This electronically generated standard is authentic and valid without signature. This allows to build up a fully automated HIL test system. After the exposure to the test parameters, the DUT must fulfill all functions as specified.