Los monstruos: Dave Eggers ; traducción de Cruz Rodríguez Juiz. Front Cover. Dave Eggers. Mondadori, – Runaway children – pages. Los monstruos/ Wild Things (Spanish Edition): Dave Eggers, Cruz Rodriguez Juiz: Books – The Wild Things has ratings and reviews. Suzie said: I know a lot of people didn’t like this book, their arguments being that it was an unneces.

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And like its source material, The Wild Things gives way to much deeper ideas than those presented, and ones that resonate strongly with me.

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers

There is a lot to admire in this book. Eggers has said he made some changes in the book from the movie.

But the book enthralled me too Dave Eggers Filter applied. And eventually, important though the wild things are, the child has to grow up and move on. Alle monsters hebben iets gigantisch. They are easily offended, sulky, selfish, and say hurtful things.

Even more, how little we still understand as adults and simply act as the facsimiles that we think we’re supposed to. View all 4 comments. Max relates to these beasts, and soon enough, he is made their king, and he must find some way of controlling them, while monstrruos making them happy. Your Fathers, Where Are They?. Oct 30, Jennifer aka EM rated it it was ok. That awareness has made the journey worth it. In this book, the good moments are just fleeting flashes of light in the dark.

I appreciated the opportunity to live a little longer where The Wild Things are, but I didn’t need to. And I hope he’ll be okay.


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Just as he felt the impotence of being an boy in a world of monsstruos, he comes to recognize his own powerlessness at appeasing dqve creatures from within, each with their own agendas, feeding schedules, inscrutable motives.

I assume the plan was to go for a precocious yet immature voice, but novel Max felt practically demented somehow interacting with a huge vocabulary and literary yet being completely obvious to some of the most obvious points of human relations. Of course, from the perspective of a child myself reading the much smaller original version of the story, I remember thinking how imagination was such an amazing and powerful thing. Sep 25, Stephanie R-A rated it really liked it.

Where the wild things are kan ik me allang niet meer herinneren, maar ik krijg meteen zin het weer eens te lenen lls de bieb.

We appreciate the impact a good book can have. We all feel a little sad and disappointed when Max makes poor decisions and feel even worse about it when he realizes after the fact that what he did was wrong but couldn’t stop himself. Yet, I also love that The Wild Things is its own story, influenced by the children’s book and the film, egters its own story all the same.

The vampires wanted to make the buildings into vampires so they flew in and attacked them. To me, it captures much of the same magic as Where the Wild Things Are. And of course he must learn to rule these aspects of self, a task, which, as the king, he largely fails.

Los monstruos

Written with great wit and warmth as well as great respect for Sendak’s original. His imagination, his zeal for fun He threw me back and forth between an amazed joy and an exhausted boredom, sometimes in the same chapter.


One of the students is a little like Max but honestly it’s egger to tell if Max really has a disability or if he is just a more extreme melodramatic child. The original book, of course, is simple enough: I’ve never liked the writing of Dave Eggers. Max, the main character, spend the majority of the book on an island full of beasts. They have a clear hierarchy in their relationships. My 3 favorite parts were very in action my the 1st one is when Max started the snowball fight with claires friends i like that part because i love snowball fights there so much monsrtuos.

Ever since the back flap was closed, I’m still a bit haunted by him, and last images of him. I have no problem with the idea of an attempt to draw out more issues in Max’s life but it all felt too commercial, the original Max was straight up terror, novel Max feels a little more sympathetic which actually defies the point really.

What you wind up with, though, is less t I don’t think that this book really knew where it wanted to go or what it wanted to do. Jul 09, Megan Baxter rated it liked it.