package for typesetting chess in LATEX(skak). The primary This package is distributed under the terms described in the Latex Project. You can use tex4ebook to create the ePub or mobi ebooks. It uses tex4ht for the conversion. tex4ht doesn’t support skak package out of the box. 1 is an extension for the package skak– and as the package xskak is an . Run through LATEX and then put the *.sty where LATEX.

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If you need to focus on only one side of the board, hiding the opposite colour will greatly help. For instance, the example above shows in the row 8 a r ook, 5 empty squares, the k ing and 1 empty square; hence the skai.

I copied and pasted the configs you mentioned. I don’t know about skak package, but I know that xskak has been used for ePub generation using tex4ebook: The figures use a special font, which needs to be configured in tex4ht.

Is it possible to use the same latex ksak document to generate epub?


Save the following text as SkakNew. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Writing a move 3 Variations and notes 4 Showing only some pieces 5 Setting up the chessboard 6 Reference guide 7 Further reading. Before uploading, we recommend validating the file with Kindle Gen or Kindle Previewer.

So, I have to make a Kindle friendly formatted book such as epub. SkakNew 32 ” ” 32 ‘! Sudheer it is possible that you have older version of tex4htit uses different way to generate the images.

If you are used to algebraic chess notation, typesetting chess moves is easy. Is it possible to use skak package to generate document in epub or mobi format? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. L a T e X supports chess notation by means of the dkak skak. See the further reading section for links about this.

skak – Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games

Another feature that is helpful to analyse some moves is to show only the relevant pieces in said moves. You can compile your document to mobi using the following comamand.

I noticed one other issue, the board ornaments do not appear in. So the font side should be ok.

Chess notation

Here’s the minimum sample document: The image you have posted is better than the llatex I generated. There are two things which needs to be addressed: Note that you need to have kindlegen installed: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The chess figures can be converted as Unicode characters, the chessboards must be converted as images. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyaltex our Terms of Service.

  IEC 60061-2 PDF

Save it as skak. Email Required, but never shown.

Open an example of the skak package in ShareLaTeX. I wonder what is wrong in my setup.

CTAN: Package skak

I use skak to generate a beautiful chess book in PDF format. If you want to use more commands which print to one canvas, you need to enclose them in custom environment, whose contents will be converted as an image:. Arrows, circles, etc do not appear.