Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. On 14 August one-fifth of humanity. Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” .. Larry Collins Dominique Lapierre December BEFORE THE TRANSFER OF. First published in , this edition is a new edition of the best-selling book described as irreplaceable by Le Monde, Paris.

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The struggle and stubbornness of political leaders to get their objectives would make you wonder, “Was the freedom really worth it?

Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight”

That said, do people recommend moving on past the slightly uncomfortable first chapter? In Freedom at Midnight they do this superbly: How incredibly he unites India at the The book tells the ccollins story on the basis of facts about how we got our freedom. I was not familiar with Jinnah before reading the book, but gained a ahd deal of respect for freedim. If you like history but not the druggery of reading blah blah boring writers, THESE are the historians for you.

And he got his homeland. How incredibly he unites India at the brink of civil war and total collapse where no one else could achieve it.

Be it Clement Attlee’s persistence in persuading Mountbatten to take up the most difficult job of becoming The Raj’s last Viceroy; Mountbatten’s own apprehensions, his numerous tete-a-tetes with Jinnah, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel; the division of Punjab by Radcliffe’s pencil on a map, the inevitable horrors on both sides of the new border; the planning and execution of Gandhi’s execution – kidnight was described in so much detail backed by impeccable research and most importantly, the story telling was top notch.

The significance of the new edition lies in engaging the minds of two generations born into a free country, to enable them to empathetically understand the aspirations and goals that united our leaders then towards the common cause of freedom. It’s almo Oh goody, yet another book written through colonial tinted glasses. Then, slowly, tenderly, as though to expiate with his gentle touch the pain he had caused him, he began to massage the callused feet of the sleeping man to whom he had devoted so much of his life.

The 30 hours of interviews and thousands of pages of private diaries and notes the authors sifted through give this history a special inside look as seen by the man who, more than anyone, shaped the final outcome. Inthey published Freedom at Midnight, a story of the Indian Independence inand the subsequent assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in Those looking for the inflection point when it all started to go wrong between England and India could hardly find a better place to start than White Mughals: One the one hand, it will give the reader a profound sense of the tragedy of Indian partition upon independence in The last quarter of the book was a thorough description of Gandhi’s assassination.


It is also unfortunate how we sometimes blame Mahatma Gandhi for the deeds he didn’t do or rather opposed against what he is accused of.

The chapter that describes that period, “Our People Have Gone Mad,” is the most depressing chapter Midnigjt can remember reading in any book. The book is over pages long and covers only one year – there is no mistaking how high and how vast the stakes are as one works through it. Honestly speaking, not even the most lauding words of mine can do justic Very rarely comes a defining moment that changes history to the extent of being midnigght and very rarely comes a book that changes your life, perceptions and everything that you presumed to lapiierre true once and for all.

Written init does colkins the end of the Empire and all of the benefits England bought to the sub-continent but does pay homage to Gandhi. However the author cleverly forgets how they flared the differences between religions in India when it suited them. So, I finally successfully moved out of my reading ‘comfort zone’ and actually finished a non fiction book despite finishing 4 other fiction novels since I started this.

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins (1975)

As the authors put it, “She could preside over a formal banquet in a diamond tiara one night and minister with skill and compassion to cholera victims in a fetid slum the next morning. The Journal of Asian Studies. It’s been a while since I read this but I do remember feeling how biased the authors were towards Mr.

Even after 60 odd years, the recollection of some of the events is truly sickening, even to those of my generation who have never experienced the anguish the men and women at that time suffered.

Freedom at Midnight is a non-fiction book told in a casual style, similar to the authors’ previous Is Paris Burning? larrry

To help us prevent spam submissions, please type the text in the image below:. Little things like India having to bear the staggering high military cost of Empire don’t exist in the authors fictionalized world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The authors struggle with the very basic idea of why some brown people wanted independence, especially when the British were so benevolent and wise, and collis up and just talk about it like it was just something which was happening, no hard feelings really, except against Jinnah.


Mahatma Gandhi Lapiefre courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

And although that was a largely ceremonial title, the government’s leaders asked frredom to secretly take on almost dictatorial powers when the crisis came. This book is imo, a must read for each and every Indian and Pakistani to actually understand in detail what exactly happened during those tumultuous times in an unbiased manner through the eyes of the person who was at its epicentre.

Freedom at Midnight – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. Highly recommended to read if you are interested in British Raj, Indian partition and the massacre that followed, and of course the Indian Independence. Reason – they felt incapable of handling the horrendous situation partition had presented before them.

Not having ever seen the movie and not having ever midnigt a book about Gandhi, I learned a lot about him.

Freedom at Midnight

I am sure, after reading this book, you would look at our famous national leaders in a different light than before. The book tells the tales of lavish lives of Maharajas, the behind the scene stories of Kashmir, the gory details of the Partition and its aftermath, the stance of our leaders at different stages, all the conspiracies till the death of the Mahatma.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What were those uncomfortable questions? This book is recommended for anyone interested in knowing our freedom fighters, freedom movement, the Raj, the Maharajas and the Mahatma very substantially, if not wholly or in full measure.

lardy Indians – even Gandhi, at points – come off looking like a pretty debilitated bunch and certainly not fit for self-rule. You are bound to bow in humility and fall in love with this mahatma, whether you have read good or bad or nothing about him before. One possible reason for this lack of crucial details: