Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free by Alaysbene, released 06 October Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free > proud (take as a. Lajwanti by Rajinder Singh Bedi – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest. Rajinder Singh Bedi (bio). Translated by Alok Bhalla (bio). Do not touch lajwanti, for she will curl up and die. Punjabi folk song. The carnage of the Partition was.

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But when he saw that Lajwanti took in her stride every adversity including the chastisement he gave her, he increased the dose of thrashing. The second issue I will address here is the interpretation of the holy texts to either prove a point — that the women must not be accepted into their homes — or to debunk it.

Was she thinking of him Would she ever come back?

Sunder Lal heard the rajlnder sentence and spoke up: Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. He had behaved very badly towards his Lajwanti; he had allowed himself to sinbh irritated with everything she did even with the way she stood up or sat down, the way she cooked and the way she served his food; he had thrashed her at every pretext. Sunder Lal broke down and wept. His eyes had fallen on Lajwanti and he had whispered in the bridegrooms ear, Your sister-in-law is quite a saucy morsel; your bride’s likely to be a dainty dish old chap!

She looked at her own body which had, since the partition, become the body of a goddess.

He is supported in this endeavour by many, but faces opposition too, especially from the orthodox, religious section in society. He began to treat her even more cruelly and lost sight of the limit, beyond which the patience of any human being breaks.


Lajqanti truck load of Hindu women would be exchanged for a truck load of Muslim women. Such was the sense of equality in the Kingdom of Rama that even the remark of a poor sihgh was given full consideration. Wasn’t she the victim of a ruse and then of violence like our own mothers and sisters today?

Lajwanti by Rajinder Singh Bedi

Why didn’t they Jump into a well? Sunder Lal, after losing his wife Lajwanti to abductors, and abandoning all hope of finding her again, put his heart and soul into the rehabilitation of those women who were abducted and brought back, but not accepted into their own homes.

Many days passed in this way. Some were refusing to take rajindre their women. A large crowd gathered and hot words were exchanged.

A committee was formed to campaign for the implementation of the programme by the residents of Mohalla Shakoor, a locality near Narain Baba’s temple. Narain Bawa’s months of preaching were undone rzjinder a few moments.

They sang hymns and folk songs. After the great holocaust when people had washed the blood from their bodies they turned their attention to those whose hearts had been torn by the partition. It is part of the marriage custom and it almost seems a wife regards a husband who never beats her as “unmanly”.

Life in the open air and sunshine had tanned her skin and filled her with an animal vitality.

TV adaptation of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s ‘Lajwanti’ launched

And the tired Sunder Lal would fall asleep again. The Hindi text of this story is available as a PDF. He xingh his arms out of his shawl and said breathlessly: Sunder Lal had not yet dried his tears. There was a tumult Bedi raises the problem of silence—the inability of survivors and perpetrators of violence to talk about what happened—which is a common theme in partition literature.


Miss Sarabhai brought a truck-load of Hindu women from Pakistan, to be exchanged with Muslim women abducted by Indians. She did not rajimder the enormous boots Sunder Lal was wearing; she also forgot that her behind skngh small. In conclusion, when there is so much pain, on both sides, the people should have simply stated afresh and rebuilt their lives, with their wives and sisters and mothers, abducted and brought back and rehabilitated or otherwise.

A row of lamps, an illumination for celebration? Words which assail ones ears in the early hours of the dawn have a habit of going round in the head with insidious intent. It was there he began his writing career. His Lajwanti carried a duppatta worn by Muslim women; and she had wrapped it round her head in the Muslim style.

The words went to her head. In brief, the story Lajwanti is as such: In every lane, in every locality, “Rehabilitation” committees were set up, and in the beginning there was a lot of enthusiasm for programmes like Trade for the Displaced, Land for the Refugees, and Homes for the Dispossessed.

But whatever he said or quoted from the scriptures seemed to go against his point of view. There were lots of problems and quarrels over this.

Sunder Lal was getting ready to go to the border at Wagah when he heard of Lajo’s return. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.