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They elucidate customer behavior and heighten awareness of its complexity and dependency on influential factors. Particular knowledge of the product and situation involvement konsumetnenverhalten fundamentally important to customer orientation.


Eine theoretische und empirische Rekonstruktion. Undoubtedly they contribute to a better understanding of the customer. This leads us to conclude that perspective taking and the ability to empathize are two different processes, which need to be operationalized differently. Neue Dimensionen der kunden- und marktorientierten Unternehmensfnhrung, Landsberg Since, according to Geulen, behavior is mainly related to other people, the theory needs to be conceived form the outset as a social behavioral theory.


There is the need for a construct which comprises the ability to adapt to the potential customer. Deutsch TaschenbuchSeiten Kohlhammer W.

Additionally consumer decision making behaviour from a marketing view as well as after sales behaviour are covered in respective chapters. Alle Bestellungen schnell und portofrei nach Haus.

Attitudes play a leading role in consumer research. Needs trigger motives, such that motive analysis serves to determine the needs of the customer.

For konsumenenverhalten, attention needs to be paid to the comprehensibility of text information depending on the type of customer. The literature until now has considered customer orientation from a management viewpoint, recently using in particular the term “customer bonding ” in this respect cf. Thus perspective taking is an important precondition for social behavior.


This overview of the multifarious and at times contradictory field of research shows there is still no unified theory which could be adopted for research into customer orientation.

Since winning konaumentenverhalten new customers is far more expensive than cultivating existing ones, customer satisfaction and customer bonding also have an immediate financial effect Anderson et al. Development, Training and Consequences, Hillsdale As the first step, Homburg describes four dimensions konsumentenverhzlten closeness to the customer based on 30 interviews with managers of European firms.

Our search for this led us to an area of research in social psychology known as ” role taking” Flavell et al.

An analysis by A. The focus of this paper is on anlyzing behavioral, theoretical approaches with regard to their efficacy in explaining and describing customer orientation. The concept of “behavior orientation” differentiates between a level of general behavior orientation behavior as a planned and actual realization of goals by way of certain measures in a given situation and a level konsumetnenverhalten orientation towards other subjects others are regarded as behavioral subjects and thus different to other objects.

Thus, such apparently technical concepts as ” Quality Function Deployment ” QFD are really customer orientation programs designed to influence human behavior by, in this case, translating the language of the customer customer demands into that of the engineer product design Kamiske et al. Thus it is important to know the behavior orientation of others. Emotion determines behavior to an extent which is often underestimated.

A measure of emotional empathy, Journal of Personality, 40 Homburg confines himself to the marketing of items of capital expenditure and, opposed to Eggert, analyses closeness to the customer from the customer viewpoint. These are briefly described below. There now follows a new approach to the behavioral description konsumentenberhalten analysis of these processes.


Egozentrismus und antisoziales Verhalten. Individual or social-psychological theories can hardly be applied to the behavior of the whole organization.

Versandkosten betragen 2,6 Euro. Marketing science has only been of limited help until now, as there has been no established valid scale of individual customer orientation Knhn ; Homburg Values attract attention to membership of a social unit culture, class, family.

Deshalb bleibt die Suchmaske stets sichtbar. Perspective taking as a multidimensional construct is an everyday process which is further developed in the social context, i. Customer Satisfaction, Market Share, and Profitability.

Thus consumer research provides a theoretical basis for customer-oriented thinking. Perspective Taking and Self-Awareness. Alle angezeigten Preise inkl. She bases this on two empirical studies carried out in konzumentenverhalten large company and in SMEs. Trommsdorff teaches marketing and innovation at the TU Berlin.

Konsumentenverhalten – Volker Trommsdorff – Google Books

Therefore we examined the impact of the central constructs in the theory of consumer behavior for customer orientation. With regard to customer orientation, none of the many studies on the success factor of customer orientation contains specific scales, let konsumentenveghalten a theory to explain customer-oriented behavior.

Since they come from develop-mental psychology, these are nearly all scales for children. Standards within these groups regulate the opin-ions, attitudes, values and behavior of the individual members. Zum Konzept der Perspektivennbernahme. It is worthwile to check wether consumer behavior research and theory could support insights into customer orientation in the sense of placing oneself in the thoughts, feelings and behavior of the potential customer.