Frostbitten is the tenth novel in Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Wiki letter This article needs a plot summary. Please add one in your. Frostbitten is the eleventh book in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld fantasy series which follows the lives and adventures of a number of supernatural women. Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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And then there was the surprise from Joey that guy was a huge disappointment frkstbitten, but Noah made up for that.

We meet two former pack me Frostbitten is a nice addition to the Women of the Otherworld series frostbittfn two not so great books. You are stronger, faster, and more fierce than humans, and you are fiercely loyal to your pack.

I was recently in Anchorage and could practically feel the place through Armstrong’s scenery descriptions. Frostbitten is a very exciting read and new changes seem to arrive within each book of The Otherworld series. Personal Demon Kelley Armstrong. Describing fight scenes and sex scenes with the same detail.

Frostbitten – Kelley Armstrong

Clay letting Elena take care of herself. And I don’t just mean werewolves. Now I wish I could get a version with a better cover Oct 30, Pages Buy. Clay is awesome, he’ll always be awesome, and we get a good dose of him here.

It seems like Kelley Armstrong learned from her past mistakes and returned to what works for the stories. Let’s face it, the werewolf stories are the best books in Kelley Armstrong ‘s Women of the Otherworld series.

Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets. When the Pack learns of a series of gruesome maulings and murders outside of Anchorage, Elena and her partner Clay travel to Alaska in the dead of winter, expecting to hunt down a pack of dangerous werewolves.


This book was fantastic. And boy, do the wolves love the snow. The story weaved together quite well, and contained equal parts action, down time, and character driven sequences.

Frostbitten (Women of the Otherworld, #10) by Kelley Armstrong

She wasn’t a full out Mary Sue, but she had some of the frosgbitten points of one. I liked the kidnap plot and the monster in the woods story that just added a different twist to things. Throughout the series our main character has grown into her skin, settled in with her mate, advanced higher in the pack, and adapted to motherhood.

Frostbitten is a gripping supernatural thriller and shows Kelley Armstrong to be on top form as she delivers another instalment of top-quality fantasy fiction. Elena as alpha, very cool. She follows him to Alaska, where he is promptly attacked by mutts living there. The litle bit of mystery is interesting view spoiler [I like the idea if the ,elley shifters.

I couldn’t stand them as a couple in book 1, now, I really like them together. I also want to mention: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.


She and Clay also have a side-mission while they’re there. They still care for each, but their relationship is not stale like it was in Brokenthere are some issues they have to work through and they provide just enough entertainment and drama to make the couple’s interactions fun, touching, and smoldering. This is a strong story where the werewolves are in Alaska and end up hunting mutts and meeting potential pack members, unlike Broken.

Well, that’s what I imagine him as. It deals with a rape victim Elena and her coming face to face with the act itself and her hearing from one of the men foster fathers who did the deed.


I was so excited that we were getting back to the Stilwells. Anyone who loves UF, especially werewolves. Yeah, back in the 70’s 80’s, the title ‘bodice rippers’ were aptly named due to the heroes raping their heroines.

She’s fine for bit parts in books but carrying the story alone? This book is a great introduction to the genre, and I shall definitely be picking up others, especially from this author. Don’t hurt my darn werewolves!!! Also by Kelley Armstrong. Having Elena feeling frozen with fear, and Clay not always able to help her because of his arm adds a vulnerable side to the whole relationship. Armstrong also opens up her world a bit. You know that the bad guys have more of a chance to win this time which is unsettling to poor readers like me!

They even run into a werewolf who lives with the wolves instead of humans. We spend a lot of time in her mind as she considers her life, past, present and future. Trapped in this savage, untamed winter realm, she and Clay learn more about their own werewolf heritage than they bargained for, tapping a little more into the wild nature of the beast within.

The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it’s downright deadly. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

In this book we find out Clay and Elena have been together for 20 years already. They felt like visitors, having the same experiences for the most part that I had when I was there.