I am finally ready to submit the final version of my map for keep on the shadowfell . I started this map after I got a chance to play rpg again. Keep on the Shadowfell Maps. My group downloaded and printed these for our game and they were a HUGE timesaver (and they look really. Hey, Just wondering if anyone out there has the maps for this module in Maptools ?.

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Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to They need labels, like the waterfall and the tree trunks have.

The Mad Mapper

In that case, I’m a mildly capable artist. We butchered the roleplaying, half of us didn’t know our names, and only one of my players was serious through the entire game. Posted by Greg Tannahill at You will have to register before you can post or view full size kee in the forums. There was long periods where I did not work on the map for various reasons, but I was forced forward as the players advanced in the dungeon.

Canageek Other Pages on my Blog: The links are dead though, do you have them hosted anywhere else? These are freakin’ amazing, Great work. Also, if anyone had any fudgefix suggestions on Miniatures and Tokens for monsters, that would be nice too. This is the complete map of the Keep of the Xhadowfell, taken from the adventure of the same name.


Or throw in some shadowfepl random encounters. Remembering that the module had been revised, I tracked down the PDF.


Anything can stand in for minis; as you’ve already discovered. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I’m also not sure if you can get them without the tokens in the picture. No they bother to replace these rules with the rules for walls which were supposed to be there in the first place? You can download the corrected PDF here. This is the map I shadowfelo, but hopefully not quite so messed up with its colours.

On the whole it worked very nicely. I assume that this is going to cause a problem with printing. Tags for this Thread orcus kee;, photoshopshadowfell.

Complex of Zombies Adventure: After two days hold-up by press censors, the Daily Mail prints “greatest photo of the war”: It’s not the same though.

It’s worth a few hours and a hundred or so sheets of paper per module to have nice maps, I figure. Making my own maps stands to reason, but I simply lack to tools and the ln to do this unless someone can direct me to a location that sells paper in massive sheets with a 1-inch square grid tbe it.


Eleven Foot Pole: Keep on the Shadowfell Maps

When it was released, I shared my initial impressions and eventually ended up writing a lengthy series of essays in which I remixed the entire adventure. If nothing else, I know a lot of you have found my post on Keep on the Shadowfell Maps by far my most popular post, and one I created just to keep track of the links I was finding.

If you bought the original PDF or downloaded the free one you’re out of luck. You could get a wet erase chessex gaming mat. It was a rough first run, but by the end we all had a good impression of what it was going to be like, and we had no deserters.

I whadowfell the quality of these maps! Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! But just in case – enjoy! Wednesday, 18th August, Want to add to the discussion?

Anyway, Until next time: