KARAITE ANTHOLOGY Excerpts from the Early Literature TRANSLATED FROM ARABIC, ARAMAIC, AND HEBREW SOURCES WITH NOTES BY LEON. Karaite Anthology. Edited and translated by Le. Yale University Press. Pp. xxvi, (Yale Judaica Series. Volume vii). This book marks the first attempt in. Results 1 – 30 of 39 Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature by Nemoy, Leon (ed.0 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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Salmon ben Jeroham says so expressly LK, I, 22 ; there is other evidence to the same effect cf. On that day, implying that at present every na- tion antholgoy the Name of God in its own tongue but on that day iaraite will vanish and all mankind will call the Lord by His Hebrew name Adonay. Another passage, That they may know from the rising of the sun. Ye shall circumcise the foreskin of your heart Deut. And thou shalt sacrifice the passover offering unto the Lord thy God of sheep and cattle.

Unlike Anan, who wrote, so far as we know, only in Aramaic, and unlike his own successors, who wrote mostly in Arabic, Ben- I. All these lessons which we have mentioned you must understand, for a man might learn from them the right road to follow in both this world and the next. There is, of course, no certainty whatever that this list repre- sents al-I?

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The words whether born at home or born outside signify whether begotten in lawful marriage or by fornication or out of a male or female slave. Begun in the second half of the fourth century, this sifting was continued, slowly and carefully, for over a hundred years until about a. Nothing more is known about his life. Likewise, Jeremiah wrote to those in exile in Iraq and advised them to speak to the anghology Nabateans in their own tongue, saying in Aramaic: Another example is the passage.

But in some places he did not say all that needed to be said about the intended meaning of the Sacred Text, while in other places he was guilty of foolish verbosity for which there was no need.

How then should they proceed They should write down their occupations. In the days of the Gaon Yehudai there lived Anan and his son Saul. These men who modify the Passover liturgy arc heretics and scoffers who hold m contempt antholgoy words of scholars, and who are disciples of Anan.


The master of the house shall come near unto God Exod. God will send forth his hindness and his truth Ps. He says further- The commandments of the Lord are upright, rejoicing the heart, referring to the satisfaction felt by the human heart because of the truth of the premises and con- clusions contained in His commandments; and further: The gradual conquest of the Balkans by the Ottoman Turks, culminating in their capture of Constantinople in a.

Some of our scholars hold that he made these two golden calves merely as a substitute for the two cherubim, and this opinion is not improbable, since in everything which Jeroboam had done in deviation from the Law his purpose was merely to imitate and duplicate that which is ordained in it.

Mahe his praise glorious Ps. Thereupon Anan was seized with a wicked zeal — he and with him all manner of antology and worthless men from among the remnants of the sect of Zadok and Boethus; they set up a dissident sect — in secret, for fear of the Moslem government which was then m power — and they appointed Anan their own exilarch.

The Jewish settlement in Iraq traced its origin as far back as the Babylonian exile b. And the man smote him, smiting and wounding I Antology David continues to discuss the heavens and their evidence for the exist- ence of their Maker, by saying: And they continued at the time of their exile in the sins of Jeroboam, meaning the practices and indulgences which he had introduced in place of, and at variance with, biblical laws; except that at that time the two golden calves were no longer in existence as a pair, since one of them had been seized by Sennacherib, as it is written: For their own religious platform the Jewish frontiersmen had a ready-made example — the ancient and never entiiely suppressed opposition lepresented in earlier times by the Sadducee faction to the validity of postbiblical law based on oral tradition and codified m the Talmud, and anthologu the authority of its official administrators and interpreters in Iraq.

And concerning the gods of his fathers v. With the progressive decline of the Persian state, it became imperative to re-examine this mass of oral law and custom and eventually reduce it to writing, in order to insure its preserva- tion for the future.


So testify all mankind. In any case, his secession from Rabbanism marks the first known evidence of Karaite penetration into the metropolitan Jewish center of Iraq, and his code of law is the earliest extant Karaite karaitd y document.

Both works were written in Hebrew. A man must be circumcised by another man and may not circumcise himself with his own hand, since Scripture says: The Rabbanites tried their utmost to assassinate Anan, but God pi evented them from doing antgology. Whosoever curses his God shall bear his sin Lev.

Since the philosophical postulates, too, are built upon rational deductions based in their turn upon the knowledge of things per- ceived by the human senses and logical axioms, he who rejects rational and philosophical opinions thereby denies all data posited by cogitation or sense perception. Divided as they are by language and tongue.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early literature | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The juxtaposition of the words of every clean bird and he offered burnt offerings thus proves that the only clean birds are turtledoves and pigeons.

Hillel and Shammay received their learning from Shemaiah and Abtalion. Finally we are told that having arrived in the field of Moab, they remained there because the place met their requirements and because it was their destination when they left Bethlehem.

T, brought a measure of stability into the lives of both the Karaite and Rabbanile populations and stimulated scholarly activity which, however, was now mainly devoted to the reformulation of princi- ples and ideas developed by the classical writers whose originality and skill the later scholars could never recapture.

These, then, are the rational proofs built upon the knowledge based on sense perception; and it is for this reason that King David, in describing the Law and stating that it is allied with both reason and perception, says: The account then repeats the statement, from Bethdehem, which is in Judah — this for two reasons.

So that my congregation might not be seduced by what is hidden from them. The words from his house indicate that even though he has withdrawn from her prior to the delivery of the writ of divorcement she remains in his house.