The relationships among the firms comprising the Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park form an industrial symbiosis. Generally. Read chapter The Industrial Symbiosis at Kalundborg, Denmark: Industrial ecology is a concept that has emerged in response to growing public concern about. The Solution: by working together and exchanging material, water, and energy streams between the partners, Kalundborg Symbiosis increases resilience and.

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The company produces about 45 percent of the world market of insulin and about 50 percent of the world market symbosis enzymes. The Kalundborg Utility treats the wastewater from homes and companies and collects a large amount of sand from the wastewater in their sand traps. The large amounts also means that it makes a difference, when Novozymes helps create new symbiosis opportunities and utilize the existing ones. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences. The utilization of the excess heat happens locally, on-site, and means that the heat production uses less resources.

In this framework the natural flow or circulation of kalindborg and energy that takes place in biological ecosystems becomes a model for more efficient industrial “metabolism. In the official Symbiosis Center was established: The construction of green houses, to be supplied with residual heat, is being considered by the power plant and the refinery. The first episode of sharing between two entities was in when Gyproc, a plaster-board manufacturing plant, established a pipeline to supply gas from Tidewater Oil Company.

Industrial and political circles began to look into the implementation of eco-industrial parks EIPs. Do Have a variety of different actors.

Kalundborg Symbiosis has evolved organically over the past six decades, with joint projects being created where the business case and collaboration was beneficial but ending when the business case became unfavourable. Part of the non-regeneratable ethanol is sent to the biogas plant at Novozymes Wastewater and Biogas.

Kalundborg symbiosis | WE-ECONOMY

Through the upgrading process sulfur and carbon dioxide is removed. It has to make sense economically Participants in the project are primarily motivated by the economic benefits. Equinor in Kalundborg is the largest refinery in Denmark and the only one in symviosis world, where the residual sulfur from the desulphurisation plant is Equinor. DLL Group How refurbisment can work, even when safety and performance sgmbiosis the most. This is a classic example of good economy, resource optimization and increased robustness of companies in an industrial symbiosis.


When Kalundborg Kalundbkrg treats the wastewater from homes and companies, one of the residues is sludge. Click here to buy syymbiosis book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. Environmental and societal benefits The local community benefits from the improved competitiveness of its local industry, which secures jobs.

It is precisely the diversity of needs and uses of resources that makes the exchanges valuable. The elemental sulphur being recovered is being sold as a raw material to a sulfuric acid manufacturer located in Fredericia on the mainland of Yetland in Denmark.

With its about 3, employees, a solid investment growth, and focus on sustainable production, Novo Nordisk Kalundborg plays a central part for the Kalundborg Symbiosis by creating new projects. SinceSymbiosis Center Denmark has engaged in initiatives across the country to support the development of industrial symbiosis. The main principle is that a residue from one company becomes a ressource in another. The Statoil refinery completed the construction of a sulphur recovery plant.

The Novozymes Wastewater and Biogas plant is where the first part of the purification of process water from the production in Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Cleaned waste water.

The very term, Industrial Symbiosis IS was first defined by a station manager in Kalundborg as “a cooperation between different industries by which the presence of each…increases the viability of the others, and by which the demands of society for resource savings and environmental protection are considered”.

Some types of wastewater run in separate pipes, so the purification process can be done optimally and with the lowest possible energy use. The Kalundborg Symbiosis began inwhen Statoil then Esso needed water for kalundbotg refinery near Kalundborg.

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This trust was essential in the development of the network. The result is regular gypsum, which is loaded on trucks and delivered to Gyproc, 3 kilometers down the road. In Kalundborg, Gyproc produces plasterboards and Gyproc. Some of the process water and residual ethanol from Novo Nordisk is used to produce biogas, which fuels a large engine and generator producing electricity for the grid.


In recent years, the municipality realized that the symbiosis project has become an important factor in the local economy; to keep the large companies and factories, and to attract new activities kalujdborg talents to an otherwise somewhat distant part of Denmark.

Andtons of fly ash and clinker were avoided from Asnaes landfill. Among the participants are a refinery, a power plant, an enzyme producer, a producer of insulin, and a manufacturer of gypsum board. Gyproc thus provides a stable supply of local produce ready at hand, and much cheaper than natural gypsum. Therefore, the temperature is reduced to Warm condensate.

Derfor bringes temperaturen ned til cirka Varmt kondensat. However, sulfer is redirected into a production of fertilizers based primarily on the gasified residual biomass.

Noget af procesvandet og ethanolaffaldet fra Novo Nordisk bruges til at producere biogas, kalubdborg driver en stor motor og generator, der producerer el til elnettet. The go-to online location for news and insight on the circular economy and related subjects. One of the main goals of industrial symbiosis is to kalundborf goods and services that use the least-cost combination of inputs.

Other actors include farmers, recycling facilities, and fish factories that use some of the material flows. The most significant achievements of the industrial symbiosis cooperation at Kalundborg are that:.

De forlader nu industrialderen Used cooling water This mindset is strengthened by shared values and aided by the fact that none of the companies are in direct competition. The main principle is, that a residue from one company becomes a ressource at another, benefiting both the environment and the economy.

Its goal is to produce fuels and high-value products from biomass to replace oil-based chemical and pharmaceutical kalundbirg.