Israelology: The Missing Link In Systematic Theology E-Book (epub). by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. One’s view of Israel is key in determining one’s theology, and. This study was created from Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s landmark research for his doctoral thesis, “ISRAELOLOGY: the Missing Link in Systematic Theology.” While all. Israelology has 57 ratings and 9 reviews. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum Fruchtenbaum deals with all the texts used by Replacement Theologians and does an.

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Israelology, IMO, is indispensable to anyone interested in Eschatology but be warned, it is a very heavy book. A thorough examination of the ways in which various Christians view Israel in Scripture.

This is the most exhaustive resource on the subject of “Israelology” the doctrine of Israel and how it fits into the overall program of God one could ever read, written from a Messianic Jewish point of view. Great book for college libraries.

Allan rated it it was amazing Jul 29, View all 3 comments.

Israelology Part 1 of 6 — By: Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum | Galaxie Software

Israelology One of the best Christian eschatology books I’ve read. I have never seen this subject treated more comprehensively.

Five years ago, I began seriously studying and considering the entire canon of the Scriptures as a system as opposed to isolated statements and how this system pertains to all people from all walks of life.


No distinction between Israel and the Frudhtenbaum Israel has been supplanted by the Church. Lots of good stuff out there on this issue that is not sensationalized or silly One’s view of Israel is key in determining one’s theology.

Israelology: the Missing Link in Systematic Theology

You must have a subscription and be logged in to read the entire article. Amillennialism, postmillennialism and other forms of Covenant Theology go up in smoke under the withering blaze of biblical light Fruchtenbaum places on them Perhaps the only flaw one might find is in the “systematic” approach to things.

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I have bought several copies of this, my first one highlighted and annotated till it fell apart, gave 2 away and hoping it will soon be available in e-book.

The chapters are extremely long and go into extensive detail, to the point where one could not easily over this material over a single semester in seminary without burning out the student! Books by Arnold G. It would be great to have additions to the book to see the author’s analysis of scholars writing on the various subjects over the past 29 years. This is especially true of Dispensationalism’s teachings regarding Israel Present, calling it “Dispensationalism’s weakest area.

Romans Israel views Dispensationalist – Views the whole of Scripture as a household that God manages with different economies and dispensations.

Sabra Woodward rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Some more points of covenant postmillenialism: The chapters are extremely long and go into extensive de This is the most exhaustive resource on the subject of “Israelology” the doctrine of Israel and how it fits into the overall program of God one could ever read, written from a Messianic Jewish point of view.

This groundbreaking study investigates four approaches to the theology of Israel Past, Present and Future, and scrutinizes beliefs that tend to confuse the identities of both Israel and the Church. Joy rated it liked it Oct 05, The structure of the book: This book is Amazing!!

May 15, Nathan Parker rated it really liked it. A simplified version “what the Bible teaches about Israel” would be a welcome solution. This series of six articles will survey the concerns of a proper Israelology. This book introduced me to Replacement Theology and a comprehensive understanding of the various view on the Millennium.


Luckily, scars heal and serve as reminders. It was through this book that I came to see Eschatology as theocentric what God is doing and the programs and course run by the church nowadays as anthropocentric what I, we, are doing. The science which follows a humanly devised scheme or order of doctrinal development purporting to incorporate into its system all the truth about God and His universe from any and every source.

The author is a Dispensationalist and he saves his own view for last. Michael Perlmutter rated it it was amazing Aug 25, The Israelology of Covenant Premillenialism 7. The Israelology of Dispensationalism 9.

At the commencement of israelollgy return, the first resurrection is a spiritual one that results in the regeneration of the soul.

Alex rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Israelology Part 1 of 6 — By: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. More specifically, Fruchtenbaum provides an in-depth analysis of how fruchtenbuam aspects of Israel Israel Past, Israel Present, and Israel Future are understood according to those who hold to Covenant Theology this he breaks into Covenant Postmillennialism, Covenant Amillennialism, and Covenant Premillennialism and Dispensationalism. I had this as a required text at seminary, and for the longest time, this text was the isfaelology reason I remained a dispensationalist Refresh and try again.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum earned a B.

One Covenant of Two?