EXPOSURE RATING. ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is designed for many applications. It is particularly recommended for continuous tone copy. Camera used for this shot was the Pinhead 3D printed pinhole camera – focal length = 90mm with a mm pinhole, with Ilford Ortho Plus @64ASA, processed. ILFORD ORTHO PLUS Copy Film is a medium speed fine grain film suitable for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications.

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While I like the effect, I realize that it’s not for everyone and it definitely threw the printer off. I think that this is the closest I’ve ever gotten orthl infrared without actually shooting infrared. That’s ‘giving you a positive when you enlarge a negative’ or ‘giving you a negative if you enlarge a positive’.

Yuna by Jinzo Shiraishi. Now the notes are back, but it isn’t possible to edit them or add new notes.

Montrose, Nebraska by Conspiracy of Cartographers. Flickr has changed layout again and as far as I can see it’s no longer possible to see notes on a photo.

Any experience with Ilford Ortho plus or with ADOX ortho 25? | Photography Forums

Fellows, would you please tell me: Yes there are certain nuances you need to know about, but those are something you would visually have to see in person to understand. When the lens is opened, a moment is captured on film.


Write a review scqsrttwvevt. The wind was blowing, and the leaves were golden. To me the two top films are Ilford and Bergger, with Bergger being my most favorite. It is possible to tame the inherent contrast by exposing at about EI 20 in daylight or with flash and cutting development down from the Ilford recommendations for copying. orthk

Or maybe I should just go back and take it again. My solution in those days was to follow an orhho in the View Camera Magazine i.

ilford ortho plus photos on Flickr | Flickr

It is no longer possible to mouse over the photo to see the notes. Bear in mind, there are two types of ortho film. Some folks soup in a clear dish with a red light under the tray to watch development. Ilford Ortho Plus, developed in D stock.

As Lachlan was asking about camera use, I answered his question. Brookfield Place by Alex Luyckx.

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Epson V Catalog ID: Large format pinhole camera 5×7″, exposure: That’s not ‘giving you a positive’. I have been revisiting that shot for a few years, in the attempt to get the perfect shot. My dream shot has always been this corridor on a wide angle lens. The emulsion is long-expired and iflord is just what happens.

developing Ilford Ortho Plus

Le bleu est rare dans le redscale I jlford see why some people like the Ortho Plus for pinhole work! This is a test of my new “Red Can One” curved-plane pinhole camera in which I placed two sheets of Ilford Ortho Plus 4×5 film in the can, taped together with scotch tape. The spectral response of the film seems from the Ilford data sheet to stop in the middle of the green area, which makes it a little difficult to use with any subject with a full color range.

It was clearly a job for Ilford Ortho Plus.