all images, c. Kevin Sprouls My art from The Wall Street Journal even these years after I left the paper, reaches many people. “It was once That’s becoming . WSJ Hedcut Artist Kevin Sprouls Stipple Portraits for Gallup. A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 There were many, many artists that came to work and became long-term contributors in You can acquire a digital image of the entire plate simply by subscribing to this blog or. Neil Gates Photography, Naperville. Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! The resulting image contains no lines. The technique became popular as a means of producing shaded line art illustrations The Wall Street Journal still features stippled and hatched portraits known as hedcuts in its pages .

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Alas, I was largely defeated by the word? Trigger profile14 Oct 1: Below, an articled excerpt from Advertising Age, ca. Skip to secondary content. And BTW, you are not making any point here by your comment Too many to list here.

Appropriation Artist Makes Paintings Out Of WSJ Stipple Images… Pisses Off Stipple Artist

So her motive of money by R. Anonymous Coward15 Oct 9: I was assigned a task of helping her, which worked wonders for lifting my spirit at the time. Dark Helmet profile15 Oct 7: Phil15 Oct 6: The paper’s needs keep changing, our deadlines are shorter, the quality of newsprint paper is different, but most importantly, online display of hedcuts was ultimately the biggest influencer for continuous updating of my technique.

Some taste-testing ranchers in east Chile have actually reported that they were shitting their pants before they even finished eating a single hamburger, that’s how fast it turns into turd.


How can you all not hath seen it? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not jedcut published. What’s to stop the trademark of a line width created by a nib? I’ve seen tutorials that approximate the effect, but the regularity of it gives it away as a computer work. Cano, even though I’ve seen her work in the WSJ many, many times.

Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! – Neil Gates Photography, Naperville

bedomes If you take the flour, go out and say you,re the flour maker you made the flour, you re lying and committing fraud. Only if she speaks out will the artist be able to have pride for her art being in the white house. Moving to Riverside, a short distance away, solved that.

Oh yes and she has had a band called ‘Novakseen’ which all of you would journql have heard of either, if not for Mr. You made cookies, not a bag of flour. She came to our office interested in including Hedcut portraits in the NPG collection. The WSJ offices were located across the street from The World Trade Center, hournal our building was heavily damaged when the towers collapsed.

What comes right to mind is a wildly time-consuming technique, done with a technical pen and ink usually blackin which an image is drawn dot In fact, the painting even include snippets of text around the images: The guy did not just ‘blow up’ a picture he found in the paper, he used those pictures as source material to hercut work by hand – just as she likely did to create her illustration.

What kind of value is being added here? Many comments in her favor were, I thought, incredibly entitle-istic. The photography rights were attained by the wsj with permission from wsj.


Cano is as much of a thief as is any group of guys playing some pop song 40dB louder than the original and claiming themselves as journa creators.

Explore some core concepts: The source image is obvious to most people with eyeballs, so to criticize the artist for failure to cite the source falls flat. The stipple portrait that we offer is NOT a Photoshop filter, it is more complicated than that! Over the years, we had to find our way around many obstacles and challenges but we endured and even created a smooth transition into the digital realm.

This appears to make her a thief first if she really thinks what Cano the fine artist did was stealing. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Sheinen15 Oct 5: We’ll be back with our regular posts on Wednesday. But beyond that, she’s going after the wrong person. My connections to the Journal sometimes get eclipsed. Geekish14 Oct 1: She offers some insights: If it was about credit, one would assume the artists name would be under the picture in the WSJ.

I understand that you don’t like him taking credit for a copy, but Cano’s work appears to have been acknowledged as an appropriation of WSJ staff artists of which Novak is only 1 of 6. The newsroom was still in shock from the attacks. I have yet to view his work.

Here is an article from WSJ, touching on our daily routine and a little bit of history.