Hayashi Monnyu (7p). Honinbo Shusaku (7p). W+ Murase Shuho (6d). Honinbo Shusaku (7d). B+R. Hayashi Monnyu (7d). – Go Games, Go Information and Go Study Tools. Honinbo Shusaku: ‘Invincible’ Go player wins a Google doodle. Search engine marks what would have been th birthday of lauded player of.

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After a new opening strategy and several exquisitely timed moves Shusaku comes out ahead. The series had begun inwhen Ota was 46 and a 7 dan, while Shusaku was 24 years old and a 6 dan. In Julyduring his travel back to Edo, Shusaku met Gennan Insekiwho is said to have been of Meijin strength, but had the bad luck of living in a time when there were several other extremely strong players, especially Honinbo Shuwa.

He was so impressed with the boy’s ability that he invited him to become a pupil of the Honinbo house in Edo. The stories of Jowa’s deviousness and Shusaku’s filial piety have been replayed many times both as fact and as popular fiction. Later that year, Josaku died, and Shuwa became head of the Honinbo house.

The result was a two-point win by Shusaku, despite an early game mistake in a new variant of the taisha joseki. This page was last edited on 22 Juneat After game 23, in which Ota managed to get a jigo with White, Ota discontinued the series. Shusaku involved himself in caring for the sick, which resulted in his catching the disease himself.

Inat age 8, Shusaku was already almost a player of professional caliber. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In the years to come, he would play a total of 19 castle games, winning them all.

This caused controversy in the United Kingdomas it was felt that preempting the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings to honour a Japanese person was impolitic.

Although Shusaku was regarded by most honinbi the second strongest player of sgusaku day, next to Shuwa, Ota was not so sure. In JanuaryIto Showaone of the strongest players of the day, visited Innoshima, and played a game with Shusaku.


On 28 NovemberShusaku was awarded a professional 1- dan diploma by Honinbo Jowa. InShusaku played a famous sanjubango against Ota Yuzo.

Hon’inbō Shūsaku

Up toShusaku’s solid style has slowly removed Black’s chances of catching up. Inthe publication of Zain Danso revealed a negatively biased account of Honinbo Jowa’s intrigues towards securing the position of Meijin Godokorotarnishing Jowa’s reputation. Ina group of players gathered in a mansion in Edo. Shisaku Asano, the daimyo of the region, heard of the child’s qualities.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It honinho also decided that he would marry Jowa’s daughter as part of the event. Shusaku declined at first, citing his obligations towards Lord Asano as the reason.

After the shusaky, Shusaku headed back to Edo and upon his arrival heard that he had been promoted shusxku 5-dan. However, Shusaku proved the stronger player and continued to grow during the match. As the official heir to the head of the Honinbo house, Shusaku had an eminent position.

He fought back hard, but still by the time of the middlegame, all the people watching the game thought Gennan was winning, except for one, a doctor.

The 22nd game was played in Ota’s house, which was different than the others, considering they were played in more neutral venues. Shuho, playing all games as Black, won the match with a score of Move tips the balance, occupying the central point for the attack and defence of the bottom groups, expanding Black’s moyo on top, limiting White’s influence on the right, and providing aji to reduce White’s territory on the left.

Arriving back in Edo in SeptemberShusaku was given the name ‘Shusaku’ and promoted to 2-dan. Today, Shusaku’s reputation is more balanced in Japan, where a wide number of texts on Shusaku and Jowa have since been published, but remains somewhat inflated in the West where the sources are more sparse.

This was actually a great honor, because Gennan was indicating that Shusaku’s strength was much greater than his rank indicated.


He shusku he was in the middle of a series of games with Shusaku, tied at honinbi apiece. In shusalu projects Wikimedia Commons. Today, Shusaku’s reputation is still somewhat inflated in the West, where most readers have access only to a limited number of texts. On January 3,he received his shodan first dan professional diploma. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

He was nicknamed “Invincible” after he earned a perfect score for 19 straight wins in the annual castle games. After some mediation, the Asano clan relinquished its claim on Shusaku, allowing Shusaku to become Shuwa’s heir in Only after games, and winning every game as Black except game 6 of match which Yuzo managed to make jigohe forced Ota to a senaisen handicap. The games were played once a week, faster than a typical game match.

Edit page Discuss page 3. The seeds of Shusaku’s ascension to Go Sage were first sown shuaaku Shusaku enthusiast Ishigaya Kosaku with the publication of Kogyoku YoinShusaku Koketsu Kifuand erection of a large, memorial gravestone. Oshiro Gofu was published reappraisal of Shusaku and Jowa could already be seen, particularly in the strong opinions of one editor, Segoe Kensaku. He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of honinboo castle games performance.

Shuaaku to Edo, Shusaku not only got promoted to 5 dan, but he was also made the official heir of Honinbo Shuwawho was to become the head of the Honinbo house. But they are about human attributes, not go. In Shusaku left Edo and returned to his home for a period of over a year.

Hon’inbō Shūsaku – Wikipedia

After that issue was settled, Shusaku accepted. But Shusaku’s playing strength and character, under the auspices of Ishigaya’s glowing accounts and Segoe’s opinions, could. The game is considered a lifetime masterpiece for both players.