Accord VL Hybrid () > Honda Workshop Manuals > Accessories and Service Bulletins > Customer Interest for Radio/Stereo Noise Filter: > Honda Accord Hybrid – LOW FREQUENCY NOISE – HAS ANYONE I did find the TSB mentioned here; the title is: “Humming or. Ever wonder how many TSBs exist for your Honda? Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are recommended steps and procedures for repairing vehicles. A TSB.

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No spark at coil 96 2. In order to be able to post messages on the Drive Accord Honda Forums forums, you must first register.

Can somebody help me find TSB for Honda Accord Hybrid? | Yahoo Answers

The ANC unit is matched to the speakers, and you must replace the speakers with the appropriate type. In Oregon, that’s the most common speed limits, so I heard this noise rather frequently. What kind of car do you have? Hi Do you by any chance Hi Do you by any chance still have the service bulletin for the humming noise?

Fuck you for installing a shitty ANC to begin with.

Can somebody help me find TSB-05-006 for 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid?

So, Fuck You, Honda, for first denying the problem exists in my car, when there was clearly a massive issue that your customers were reporting. Quote message in reply?

Originally Posted by ncgater. Post a new comment. If you do not have the NAV unit follow this procedure. I suggested this to Honda but they continued to CND the problem. Late in the day they called and said “yup, we yonda the test and you have the problem”.


Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You could also try driveaccord. Trying to decide between Honda hrv or Jeep Cherokee?

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. To me I always thought a piston would shoot out, or my drivetrain would fall out, or maybe the vibrating part would just fall off and the noise would suddenly stop after a loud “Pop”. Password Please enter a password for your user bulleton. If an Accord Hybrid with a replacement ANC unit returns to your dealership at a later date bullehin a new front speaker, order this replacement speaker: I read on internet forums about a similar problem happening, and that it was likely the engine timing being off.

When you hear the humming, have your assistant ground the loose end of the jumper wire to the grounding bullftin of the power outlet.

This creates the whining noise which you have described. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work. I haven’t had a chance to take it to the dealer yet. Page 5 of 27 First Fuck you for giving me lame bullshit CND’s, when this problem impacts a large portion of your customer base. Strength and weakness of honda freed vehicle? Do not allow the jumper wire to touch the bottom of the socket.

Send a private message to ArnieHN. 06-005 honda Accord Hybrid good or bad?

The question, is the part that is being replaced chaged from the original to prevent the problem from reoccuring or is it the same part? I thought all I needed to do was isolate the problem, tighten a bolt, and never deal with it again.

Add Thread to del. Find all posts by redbull Last Jump to page: I need to search for it. I don’t have this problem, but the door panels in my ’06 HAH seem to vibrate very loudly depending on road conditions, or any bass heavy or just voice sounds coming from the speakers. I don’t know what my chances are of getting this fixed, but I found another solution as well: On the way back to the shop, I pointed out a critical section of the TSB for out of warranty cars we bought ours in Feband it has 49, miles on it: Lewis, The question, is the part that is being replaced chaged from the original to prevent the problem from reoccuring or is it the same part?


Finally, my 6 year warranty was up, and although I took it to my local Honda dealership several times for this issue, they could never duplicate it, and neither could I when I had their mechanic. I work at a Mercedes dealership and a mechanic here used to work for a Honda dealership and he said he’d do the fix if I could get him the TSB.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Now drive your car and see if the low frequency drone has gone away!

05 Accord hybrid V6 HELP! – Honda Accord Forum – Honda Accord Enthusiast Forums

Well, I found the solution – and apparently Honda knew about it all along. I need the actual announcement or letter from Honda. Your IP address will be recorded. Nulletin a private message to gonavy.