The letter was subtitled “Homosexualitatis problema”. In it, and to the surprise of many Catholics, Ratzinger said that Homosexual acts are sinful. “Homosexualitatis Problema” concludes with two wonderful verses from Scripture : “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn. One of the nastier tricks of Vatican rhetoric, especially as displayed in “ Homosexualitatis Problema”, is the uneven manner in which (approved).

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At another level, religious women think of themselves as […]. Virtually Normal Previous posts: First Year of Pope Francis: The Church claims to be a listening church, and pays at least lip service to the place of reason, science, and the continuing revelation by the Holy Spirit, speaking to us through experience, in developing Church teaching.

Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons

probleema Bookmarks Queering the Church: Actio vere pastoralis prospicere etiam debebit, ut a personis homosexualibus proximae peccandi occasiones removeantur. More like this Similar Items. Opus Dei – Finding God in daily life.

The God who is at once truth and love calls the Church to minister to every man, woman and child with the pastoral solicitude of our compassionate Lor problma. The Church’s ministers must ensure that homosexual persons in their care will not be misled by this point of view, so profoundly opposed to the teaching of the Church.


Omne patrocinium removendum est a quibusvis organizationibus quae magisterium Ecclesiae subvertere contendunt, vel quae erga illud ambigue se gerunt, aut illud prorsus neglegunt.

However, there are many more scattered through the Bible, both visible and invisible.

It is a perspective which finds support in the more secure findings of the natural sciences, which have their own legitimate and proper methodology and field of inquiry.

Quae doctrina confirmata atque locupletata est elementis desumptis e certis progressibus scientiarum humanarum, quae et ipsae propria habent obiectum et methodum quibus legitima autonomia est tribuenda. He lost his faith as an adolescent. The five co-defendants sit close enough to shake hands in the Philadelphia courtroom, but they never once acknowledge one another.

Excluded From God’s People: The Problem with “Homosexualitatis Problema” | Queering the Church

Ad rem quod attinet, Concilium Vaticanum II haec habet: Hanc theocraticam legislationem S. Nevertheless, these rights are not absolute. Homosexulitatis things as the adoption of children, the employment of teachers, the housing needs of genuine families, landlords’ legitimate concerns in screening potential tenants, for example, are often implicated. This contradictory action should not have the support of the Bishops in any way.

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This is especially so for gay, lesbian and trans lives, but is hardly surprising, given the ivory tower manner in which Catholic theology is developed and preserved. In that spirit we wish to outline briefly the Biblical teaching here.

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The very title of the document is deceitful: The gay Catholic theologian Michael B Kelly has argued convincingly that for many, possibly most, lesbian or gay Catholics it may be necessary to leave the church, literally, or figuratively, for a time. One tactic used is to protest that any and all criticism of or reservations about homosexual people, their activity and lifestyle, are simply diverse forms of unjust discrimination.


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Haec Congregatio, tales explicationes et directorias pastorales normas Episcopis praebens, exoptat eorum nisus adiuvare eo spectantes, ut doctrina Domini eiusque Ecclesiae de hoc tam gravi argumento ad universos christifideles integre transmittatur.

In a particular way, we would ask the Bishops to support, with the means at their disposal, the homoswxualitatis of appropriate forms of pastoral care for homosexual persons.

No authentic pastoral programme will include organizations in which homosexual persons associate with each other without clearly stating that homosexual activity is immoral. Despite, this, McNeill performs his act of love without question; he is committed to Charlie for better or for worse. Such initiatives, even where they seem more directed toward support of basic civil rights than condonement of homosexual activity or a homosexualotatis lifestyle, may in fact have a negative impact on the family and society.

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Homosexualiattis the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered.

He has since cre […].