Even though Heroes is an erudite work of fiction, it is absolutely an Festus Iyayi is the first African writer to win the Commonwealth Writer’s. Festus Iyayi () is one of the pioneer of social realism in African novel. Besides Violence (), The Contract (), Heroes (). Festus Iyayi’s novel, Heroes’, which was awarded the Common- wealth Writers’ war arena proper, Iyayi’s interest in the war seems to stem less from a need.

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Intense mistrust and suspicion were created among the once trusted neighbors, trauma and horrors devastated the psyche of the individuals and renders life directionless and meaningless. Aside the civilian contractors in agbada who are always seen in the company of military officers lobbying for contracts, senior military officers are presented in such a way that one is able to observe that the society Iyayi depict encompasses classes of groups which are antagonistic to one another.

Heroes – Festus Iyayi – Google Books

He takes a job at the council and soon finds himself tortuously torn and confused over right and wrong. Igie Heores marked it as to-read Sep 27, I am going to adapt this book to make a movie some day, I sincerely think this story has to be told in a bigger way, not in any way undermining this beautiful work of Festus Iyayi feshus his soulmy aim is to tell this story to anyone who cares to listen and watch, for them to see what war can do.

Especially in Awaiting Court MartialIyayi displays an uncanny ability for capturing the details of his character’s troubled psyches through crisp metaphors and often heroe imagery.

Posted by Mary Okeke Like: Corruption has ranked among the military top brass. Helen marked it as to-read Aug 10, Preview — Heroes by Festus Iyayi.

Festus Iyayi

iyzyi It is puzzling people woke up suddenly and started killing each other. Suprisingly, I realized that most novels I have read so far regarding the war were written from the view point of the Igbos.


Most probably then I will get shot. He was later removed form his faculty position. Neroes marked it as to-read Jun 07, Themes of brutality, hereos, lawlessness, and conspiracy, opportunistic tendency and wicked nature of man are examined.

Both sides are to blame. Men will even offer their wives for a favored chance at winning a contract, or lie, cheat, and even kill for fortunes. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; http: To read between the lines and etc. Iyayi’s violence creeps into the corners of the pneuma of the lower classes, the have-nots, and renders them helpless against the socio-political machine powered solely by money, corruption, and privilege.

The Nigerian working class were manipulated as field-soldiers from both sides not knowing that they share more in common with each other than festud the rulers.

In its critique of the generals and military power, therefore, the novel offers a useful analogy for unveiling the hypocrisy and self-interest that lie hidden behind bourgeoisie ideology. The war became a profitable business for many as the elites demonstrated an unquenchable thirst for money.

In language that is often vitriolic and stinging, Iyayi’s protagonists potently display his contempt for the rampant corruption that strangles contemporary Nigeria. Okonoboh marked it as to-read Nov 17, He was educated at the Kiev Institute of National Economy, where he studied economics and at the university of Bradford for his postgraduate studies.

From a Marxist perspective, it has become increasingly difficult to liberate the proletariat today because the bourgeoisie exploits ideology in maintaining themselves in power and ensuring that the people are perpetually subjugated. He sells our arms and kills itayi men and collect money from both sides. Galadima Zakari marked it as to-read Nov 13, He is a post Nigerian civil war writer and widely known for his radical and revolutionary stance on social and political issues.


Festus Iyayi Biography

Will be on the look-out for one. Those at the top motivate soldiers to kill, destroy, rape and loot in the name of war because they themselves have nothing to lose. As in his previous work, Iyayi’s style is forceful and bold. Throttle Cheat-Away, offers the husband advancements only so that he can rape the wife. He would have been a year into his fesyus if he had opted for early retirement but the unexpected happened.

The two protagonists; Ojukwu and Gowon, have never known hunger, never known want and have much more in common than what they have with the ordinary soldier who erroneously believe he fights for the unity of his fatherland. Books by Festus Iyayi.

Festus Iyayi Biography – Nigeria, Violence, Contract, and Novels – JRank Articles

Relief materials supplied by the humanitarian agencies were hijacked and allocated to the friends of the army generals. Violence usually connotes physical abuse, but in his first novel, ViolenceIyayi redefines it as a continual, demoralizing structure that eliminates hope, pride, self-esteem, health, iyayj the ability to live independently. A place where greed and corruption of the privileged few and ruling class have created a restus golf between the few wealthy and the majority of the poor masses, thus creating a society woefully lacking in proper human and economic relations.

Does the work reinforce capitalist, imperialist or other classist values? But they too he realizes are killing and maiming cruelly. Top Packers and Movers in Thane http: He rose to the position of president of the national organization inbut inthe union was briefly banned and Iyayi was detained. Nkem Jeroes is currently reading it Jul 25, Nnadozie Azu marked it as to-read May 29,