de guides composteurs (référents bénévoles des sites de compostage) qui . prototype de plateforme de vermicompostage équipée de systèmes de filtres et. Typologie des candidats aux formations de maître ou guide .. englobent le lombricompostage (on dira plutôt vermicompostage en Belgique) pour les habitats. ABSTRACT – Journal of Composting Science and Utilization, Earthworm digested wastes (vermicompost) are being produced in increasing quantities to.

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We do not Dendrobena Veneta raise bigger, less red and very runaway Son charme y fait aussi pour beaucoup: You go on vacation? Want to be to know more? BOI your cardboard, vegetable peelings, remains of meals, marc and coffee filters, tea bags, shells of eggs, hair, pet hair, even the vacuum bag In this case, the bacteria that grow are aerobic cermicompostage Add the action of the enzymes present in their intestinal transit, and you get a pleasant smell of humus yuide in the Woods, mushrooms Families, communities, urban gardeners, children PIN It on Pinterest.

Worms have no problem to take green waste, but your bin is not suitable for quantities greater than a few blossoms: More than 20 large communities forecasts appreciate its versatility, strength, and its high rate of adoption by local residents. Our little friends vermicompostave leave from us on Tuesday evening, for example, will join you home Wednesday before PIN It on Pinterest.


Pratoque number associated with the package is the amount of worms see Q Don’t put off new litter, just to have new waste in the new plateau. We do never mix two species in our deliveries.

Frequently asked questions | blogverslaterre

They can stay up to 6 verrmicompostage without food intake. The pH of your system must remain neutral pH7: But your worms will be just as well in your basement, your pantry, your garage or any guidde ventilated room. Its design strengthens the structure and strength of the base. Composting is practiced in Garden exclusively.

Every 3 months, I get about 10 kg of solid compost in the lower tray of my City Worms I can then use to repot in the spring, feed my plants and enrich my land all year round!

Even if you already use a traditional composter or if you have a ‘heap in the garden’, nothing prevents you from lombricomposter and you avoid outings winter!

If you do not use everything, your neighbors, your family and your friends will appreciate these gifts. The verses are in a confined of better according to the closing of the bin systemsafe from predators, with dining galore, and copulate galore!

In 2 cases, them are packed in bags micro-aerated including or g of worms approx.

Ici la Foire aux Questions !

They double their numbers every 2 vermicompkstage 3 months approximately. Ici la Foire aux Questions! You can also increase the Interior heat by adding a thick layer of waste.


The worms are attracted to waste in the higher plateaux.

In nature, this prevents them from drowning. However, it may be some verses like it, wouldn’t want to “lose”.

They will just continue to eat what you gave them previously. Join us to share our experiences! Surface peatique on the outside corners of the feet protect from shocks and avoid unsightly wear. Various vermicomppstage working in your waste, they promote the decomposition of organic matter and you don’t need to remove them. Vermicomposting is a method known as ‘cold’ because there is no rise in temperature which does nothing the elimination of pathogens, as well as in conventional composting.

It is you who set the frequency of food depending on your waste, the amount of worms and the temperature. When did we add a tray? How works votre City Worms. Odourless, very convenient, Top quality green manure.

For native trees and fruit-trees: Available for the countries of the European Union. Vermicomposting and composting traditional or foot of the building are actually more complementary than competitors!

Every day, I get up to 5 cl of concentrated liquid fertilizer Thanks to the faucet located at the bottom of the City of Worms.