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Ismail Hyseni dhe Zenel Bedullai. Help Center Find new research papers in: Nezir Salimi dhe Jonuz Xhaferi. Belonging to astral cults in the Illyrian territory, they referred to the continuation of the existence of the soul among the stars, and, geometria a consequence, the belief in the Hereafter.

His progressive opinions and ideas are the focus of the impressive lyrical poetry.

Certain parts of the Albanian dimidiated geography have been completely assimilated, or are at the end of this process, as has happened with Upper Reka. Termi latinisht natio nga nasci: Before the First Balkan War, the region of Reka had Muslim Albanian houses and Orthodox ones, with a total of 8, inhabitants.

gjeometria deskriptive – Albanian-Spanish Dictionary – Glosbe

Seen primordially, the religious tradition lies on the essence of the formation of cultures and civilizations. The second document is a manuscript in Albanian, again in Cyrillic letters found in the dsekriptive of Nicipur of Upper Reka dating back to Among other things, the author emphasizes the raise of national awareness and the education of broad masses in Albanian language.

Gjuhe Angleze More information. The explanation was that he had died due to a heart attack. This mother, according to the traditional concept, embeds the great creational energy and its presence in the clothing items is surely related to its magical function. As it seems, they have kept the pride of their national belonging somewhere deep in their souls and have patiently waited till the day when they could freely release their enslaved songs, Migjeni would say.


Siljanov, Plovdiv, 6. The clothing with a long shirt and two aprons appear in these variants: Third, he engaged in the preparation of social and political cadres that would be able to face the upcoming challenges by the communist regime of the time.

Biba 32 90 Studiuesja Edibe Osmani sqaron: The Rekas did not lack in entrepreneurial spirit, in courage and ideas to market and produce. Marc Greven mg acea. Shpirti i Sarajit, Saraj,fq. Deskgiptive alltanlie, Rzhondet parelie, Kitkat sermalie etj: Merki, antropomorfnost i modularni proporcii kaj starata makedonska kukja. We will analyze some verses of folkloric songs of these areas in our paper, with special emphasis on the ethnographic element of clothing, as an unlimited material value that speaks about the difficult yet happy life of the people of this region.

It is presented in the birth-giving position with wide-open legs and is identified with the goddess from whom all agricultural products derive.

Josif Bageri, Shkup, faq. The Rekan Albanian who more than anybody else felt the load of the oppression and slavery, was forced to carry out a different activity as a representative of the patriotic association in Sofia by publishing a magazine which enlivened the national awareness of all Albanian patriots about the independence of Albania.

This has caused the sensitiveness against migration as a social phenomenon to remain and reflect in people, in their cultural compositions, regardless of the lapse of time, social changes and economic development. Under what circumstances did all this happen?

Gjeometrla der Takung in Jasi, 3. Gorna Reka represents deskriptige region with special peculiarities of eastern Albanian areas Northwestern Macedonia.


Many interesting facts have been presented by Bulgarian scientists who searched the eastern Albanian areas in this period. The normative method has been used in the explication of the paper by using secondary sources. Jonuz Abdullai, 3 korrik If Macedonian Albanians have been more limited when it comes to their rights to education and others, this cannot be said for those living in Albania and Kosovo, or the Diaspora, and yet they never raised their voice against all of these sufferings and oppression.


Assistant Professor More information. A factor that further stimulated this process is the economic development. He originated from a noble family from Upper Reka whose nourishment in difficult situations was nobleness, humanity, sustainability and commitment.

Memushaj, Morfonologji e eptimit, vep. This group of people, frightened of maltreatments and discrimination in all the possible spheres, could not declare their real national background.

Bregu i Diellit, pn. Integrated electronics for enhanced performance, energy efficiency and reduced emissions Integrated electronics for enhanced performance, energy efficiency and reduced emissions A SHARED DRIVE Hyperdrive Innovation develops powertrain systems for electric, hybrid and conventionally powered More information.

He was arrested in the early s, namelythe reason being the violation of the state order by his national convictions. However, as could be seen from his body, he had beaten and massacred to death. In the last years, since Balkan wars, foreign propagandas, such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Slavo-Macedonian ones, have had their effect in the region. These points are interesting evidences for the difficult moral situation of the time.

The imprisonment of Halil by the Skopje police forces happened at the beginnings of the infringed democracy on November 14, Nga ky moment ato quhen voe dilli.