Ionescu, Ghiţă. Since the s, Communism in Romania, – has been the classic monograph on the “Ghiță Ionescu, Comunismul în România. Natura, scopul şi efectele regimului totalitar comunist în România,. .. La nivelul teoretic, al scopurilor proclamate, comunismul s-a pretins întruchiparea Ghiţă Ionescu, Communism in Rumania. As soon as they arrived, Soviet army commanders took the liberty to appoint their own officials across the country (Comunismul in Romania, by ghita Ionescu, p.

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IntroductIon 19 Chapter 4 discusses the issue of contingency and argues that conjunctural factors played an important role in the final demise of the communist rule in Romania. Timothy Garton Ash, for instance, wrote at the time: So, he got his salary.

Ionescu, Ghiţă. Communism in Romania, 1944–1962, in English, 1964. Book

Nistor, pe data de 28 Octombrie Revolutionary Ideas and Ideals Minneapolis: The severe crisis of the s however paved in xomunismul respects the way for the bloody revolution of The process of political socialization under the ij regimes displayed two contrasting facets.

Theories and pseudo-theories have been put forward, and a variety of hypotheses and concepts supported one another or clashed vigorously. During the period of food shortages, i. Reflections on the Russian Revolution New York: At the same time, the revolted crowd was joined by numerous city dwellers. Editura Ziua — Omega Press Investment, During the period —, numerous families moved in a new flat, usually rented from the state.

Pe 9 Iulie primarul din com. However, such a strategy became less successful after the introduction of a strict system of quotas and increased control by the authorities of the output of the small individual farms. Pluto Press,— Nevertheless, there was not a carefully planned operation from the part of the protesters.


Huntington ; 2 A revolution is: In the end, this chapter argues, these factors were responsible for the position Romania occupied within the sequence of collapse as well as for the violent nature of the revolution in this country. Editura Topaz, Inthe bold strategy of political survival, based on independence from Moscow and extensive industrialization, devised by Gheorghiu-Dej and his men took a definite form.

Liberal intellectuals such as Petre S.

For instance, the election of a Polish Pope in was a major external factor that contributed to the collapse of communism in Poland. One could feel that something had changed, in the sense that communism in Romania was trying to adopt a less ferocious face.

Many authors conventionally place that period between andi. Central European University Press, Budapest,xix.


As for the rural-urban distribution of the population, in With that occasion, the Hungarian intellectual and former dissident G. A second issue that deserves thorough examination is that of the severe economic crisis of the period — The Case of Romania, — Berkeley: Structural FactorS and many Romanians still comuniskul the black ionescy white Soviet- comumismul Rubin Ruby TV set on which they watched the first cartoons of their childhood.

Others, however, prepared Molotov cocktails. The general model proposed for explaining such issues is based on path-dependency, agency and contingency, and the main assumption is that the collapse of communist rule in ECE was provoked by an intricate and sometimes unexpected interplay of structural, conjunctural and nation-specific factors, which ultimately determined the timing, sequence, and nature of those events.


CEEOL – Article Detail

Corroborating different sources, it may be argued that a bloody repression started at about hours on 21 December and lasted until hours on 22 December. Far from it, the revolution of has displayed something like nostalgia for the achievements of past revolutions.

Domunismul economic difficulties that immediately followed World War I were surpassed only in — Holbrook Press, At the time, I did not envisage and I did not dare to hope that one could obtain the total elimination of communism from the domestic political scene. When analyzing the revolutions of rpmania, one is compelled to address three fundamental issues related to their inception, unfolding and outcome, which can be summarized as follows: Brown wonderfully put it.

People were scared of random shootings by the repressive forces. For instance, on some banners one could read slogans such as: In was started the construction work at the monumental Intercontinental Hotel, which was inaugurated on 14 Mayand the new National Theatre, both located in the University Square. Although the first signs of a deep economic crisis appeared in the mids, the party took the political decision to pursue the pattern of extensive development of fomania and heavy industries.

Throughout this book, the two terms, i. Tear gas grenades were also launched.

Contingency also played a role in the unfolding of the events in ECE.