A summary of Gaunilo’s perfect island objection to Anselm’s ontological argument . argument for the existence of the perfect island in his On Behalf of the Fool. Gaunilo of Marmoutiers’ criticism of Anselm’s ontological argument present in his On Behalf of the Fool. From On Behalf of the Fool, Gaunilo, a Monk of Marmoutier 1. IF one doubts or denies the existence of a being of such a nature that nothing greater.

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Criticism of religion Ethics in religion Exegesis History of religion Religion Religious language Religious philosophy Relationship between religion and science Political science of religion Faith and rationality more Let my heart love it; let my mouth talk of it. But obviously this is not true.

By Gaunilo’s reckoning, however, one and, therefore, the other, too is unsound. Such objections are known as “Overload Objections”; they don’t claim to show where or how the ontological argument goes wrong, they simply argue that if it is sound, then so are many other arguments of the same logical form which we don’t want to accept, arguments which would overload the world with an indefinitely large number of things like perfect islands, perfect pizzas, perfect pencils, etc.

Now, this is that single, guanilo Being, in which is every good; nay, which is every good, and a single entire good, and gzunilo only good. Faunilo sought blessings, and lo! But yet, I think this I may say, that it is an ill way of establishing this truth and silencing atheists, to lay the whole stress of so important a point as this upon that sole foundation: But it was more proper to say, it cannot be conceived.

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Nay, it does not see darkness, of which there is none in thee; but it sees that it cannot see farther, because of its own darkness. Similarly, not to believe means not to perceive, and not to perceive means not to understand. O compassion, from what abundant onn and what sweet abundance dost thou well forth to us! For, what exists through itself, gaknilo what exists through another, do not admit the same ground of existence.

Why is this, Lord, why is this? Augustine says, when he is about to hhe a box in fact, first has it in his art.

For yesterday and to-day and to-morrow have no existence, except in time; but thou, although nothing exists without thee, nevertheless dost not exist in space or time, but all things exist in thee. For, as the potentiality of existence is a power, it follows that, in proportion as reality increases in the nature of a thing, so also will it increase its strength for existence.

For as the latter signify Edition: Not irrationally, then, has the hypothesis of a being a greater than which cannot be conceived been employed in controverting the fool, for the proof of the existence of God: In my judgment, neither this work nor the other, which I mentioned above, deserved to be called a book, or to bear the name of an author; and yet I thought they ought not to be sent forth without some title by which they might, in some sort, invite one into whose hands they fell to their perusal.

Philosophy of Religion

Therefore, they are not so great that there is nothing else greater than they. To what did I as pire?


He abounded, we beg. In this it is involved that we should first of all have subjective thought, and then distinguished from that, Being.

Gaunilo of Marmoutiers – Wikipedia

If, then, in any way it derives existence from nothing, it does so either through itself or through another. But how has the fool said in his heart what he could not conceive; or how is it that he could not conceive what he said in his heart? But it gaunio evident that Edition: Is He therefore non-existent? But, if they are more than one and equal, since they cannot be equal through any diverse causes, but only through some cause which is one and the same, that one cause, through which they are equally so Edition: Thou didst seek God.

Hogg, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. And, moreover, it does not exist through nothing, because it is utterly inconceivable that what is something should exist through nothing. Thus the work will give full material and indications for the original study of one of the greatest exponents of Christian doctrine.

Therefore, whatever at any place or at any time does not exist as a whole, even if it is existent, can be conceived not to exist. When wilt thou restore thyself to us?

Whither was I striving? Is that in no understanding which has been proved necessarily to exist in the reality of fact? Whoever, then, makes this denial, understands and conceives of that than which a greater is inconceivable.