The Official Home of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) Department of Mathematics Seaman Neck Road, Dix Hills, New York, Instead of explaining the so-called GAGUT theorem, he goes about saying .. God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) or the Unified Field Theory or. The God Almighty Grand Unification Theory (GAGUT) proposed by Oyibo to unify . mindedness within the general philosophy of a grand unified theorem rather.

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The equation is valid for everything material and non-material in the universe. Posted by haroldkraus at The formation of planets is closely connected with star formation and early stellar evolution e.

Gabriel Oyibo, has been named the recipient of the maiden edition of the Africa International Gafut for Science and Technology. Talking about Abalaka anyone know his whereabout presently?

One is further strongly persuaded to draw an analogy between the way the truth was ignored or misrepresented in these articles and the global characterizing of the African race, as a race of scammers or a race that is always presented in a bad light in almost every news article or presentation. It is presented below.

Fields medallists ‘ lectures NR.

G.A.G.U.T. |

It has been proved in the analysis in this writing that Misters Dare and Kperogi are not only scammers and fraudulent but one also sees them as representing foreigners and foreign interest as opposed to Africans and African interest. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: I was also working upon this theory, since my theory was different God was different to me.

Legendary Mathematicians including Prof.

GAGUT therefore provides the provably exact understanding of everything. John Jara Nutakor and Gabriel Oyibo, An investigation of a solution technique for the three-dimensional hodograph equation, Applied Mathematics: I know other great scientists and mathematicians for gagur practical manifestation of their claims, not for the literary appeal of such claims and the controversy they engender.


It is also shown that the particle and radiation environment gaut stars is time—— dependent, leading to a decrease of the stellar wind pressure and the radiative 3 fluxes with increasing time Lammer et al. Oyibo has been recognized by the Nigerian Senate, representing the entire population of Nigeria of over million people, through a Senate Motion No. Well, I listened to gaggut brother talk about this and the host gave him total free reign to discuss.

It is also clear that the focus of Strings vagut not necessarily Unified Field Theory. Okeke, I was so glad to read your response to the topic ” Prof. This disbelief and shock on the part of the foreigners is probably best expressed by an European American nationalist on the Glock Talk chat forum, Glock Talk. Unless we all learn to believe in ourselves, we will still remain slaves till we die!

On the contrary, Relativity and Quantum Theories are more respected and better-established theories than theeorem String Theory among physicists. They even put the dogs first,’ Oyibo explained with a tinge of distaste.

Viruses that attack the body’s T-cells are not living organisms and therefore cannot be killed. Humanity was actually searching for a theory approximate truth of everything.

In the light of the facts presented earlier proving these two articles to be fraudulent or a scam, one could now ask one fundamental question: Until these questions are answered, I stick to my guns that these claims are in the main, fraudulent. Rigorous debate, critique and analysis of: Geometry research areas that can use the Riemann Hypothesis. This means the one who understands the most is the most intelligent. Dare covered up or deliberately ignored in that process is that monograph was indeed the proceedings of a mathematics symposium in fagut GAGUT was presented to some of the finest mathematicians in the world, including Professor Julian Cole, the former head of the Math Department at California Institute of Technology Caltechwhich is among the five top universities in the world according to the Financial Times of London.


Does a science theoren G. Since these revelations from God, those mentioned above being a partial list, have gzgut proven mathematically through GAGUT, they therefore form a basis for a rational, new paradigm for pursuing longevity. They place him in theeorem ranks of world-class scientists. I am ggut qualified to evaluate his conclusions.

Remain as young as you look! Click here forgroups. I deeply regret my inability to be present and participate in the abovese ssions of the momentous workshop owing to various other national and international engagements before today. Thomas Theorrem Abstract In this work, the possible distribution of life in the universe is analyzed. Some of the most brilliant and prestigious mathematicians and physicists around the world have supported the nomination of Professor Oyibo for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

G.A.G.U.T. |

We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness.

Therefore by revealing the deepest understanding of the universe to Professor G. This is John Glover. Professor Iya Abubakar, Ph.


Please send all comments to us through this e-mail ofappit yahoo. Oyibo will be celebrated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and throughout the academic and scientific worlds. Is there a thread of justification for G.