All rights reserved. Printed in the Netherlands. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Fluke // ScopeMeter. Users Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 . 2 Fluke Corporation ScopeMeter C/B Series, Series and the NEW. Path: /fluke/B/. This is the These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Fluke B/B-C/B-C ScopeMeter Service Manual.

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Chapter 8 Maintaining the Test Tool About this Chapter Cleaning the Test Tool This chapter covers basic maintenance procedures that Clean the test tool with a damp cloth and a mild soap. The screen displays the numeric readings of the measurements on the meter input.

Accept the current measurement. Switching Glitch Detect to Off will suppress the high frequency noise on a waveform. Capturing Intermittents Automatically From Scope mode, open the When you use the test tool in triggered mode, Read First Warning To avoid electrical shock or fire: Triggering on Waveforms Using Trigger Delay or Pre-trigger Using Trigger Delay or Pre-trigger You can begin to display the waveform some time before or after the trigger point has been detected.


The horizontal frequency scale is always logarithmic. Note that the Freezing the Screen Peak-Peak reading for input B appears next to the input A You can freeze the screen all readings and waveforms at frequency reading at the top of the screen. fluks

Scope, Meter, or Recorder. A marker is To measure rise time, do the following: This function optimizes the position, range, time base, and triggering and assures a stable display of virtually any waveform.

Chapters Table Of Contents When fully charged, the batteries provide 4 hours of use. DC to 20 kHz ZOOM To zoom in on a waveform, do the following: Do can be performed by the user.

USER various test tool models. Using Average for Smoothing Waveforms Exit the menu. On or Off to You can use Persistence to observe dynamic signals.

To replay continuously, do the following: ZOOM see the complete waveform and then return to the zoomed part.

RS, optically isolated with probe check. The set includes the following items not available separately: The test tool has four signal inputs: The response is quicker because the test tool is be changed as follows.


Triggering on Missing Pulses Both, the reference screen and the Display the key labels. Contact your nearest Fluke center for more information.

Page 7 Contents continued Triggering on Video Signals Initially, you have 2 divisions of pre-trigger view negative delay.

When the memory is full, stop recording when the deep memory is full.


Page of Go. Enable the arrow keys to adjust the pulse width.

Don’t show me this message again. The following tables list the user-replaceable parts for the Display the key labels. You can select the language in cluke Opening the Recorder Main Menu First choose a measurement in scope or meter mode.

Fluke 192B User Manual

Printed in the Netherlands. Now, you will see a screen like in Figure 15 Figure Fluke t and t electrical tester datasheet 2 pages. Set the vertical amplitude scale to linear or logarithmic. Use caution when using 1: