Las “escalas de Conners” fueron diseñadas por C. Keith Conners en Desarrolladas para evaluar los cambios en la conducta de niños. Medias de las puntuaciones en la escala de Conners de los síntomas de trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad y los problemas asociados en el tiempo. 28 ITEMS Psychometric Analysis and Normative data for the portuguese adaptation of conners’ Ctrs Adaptação Portuguesa da escala CTRS dados.

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The Anglo-American normative data do not fit the Portuguese population so, additionally, this study proposes a new normative specific data to this population.

It should be noted that, in general, the established measures for boys are more consistent than those for girls, in all assessed subscales. Furthermore, many studies demonstrate that this disorder is more common in boys than in girls. Los formularios pueden ser solicitados contactando a la autora responsable o la revista. D Hyperactivity Index 10 items.

Multivariate Behavioral Research36 1 As it can be seen in Table 21, the scores obtained from the Portuguese sample are, in most cases, higher than those obtained with the Anglo-American sample, which, again, highlights the fact that it is inappropriate to use the Anglo-American scales to evaluate Portuguese children. In fact, carrying out an ANOVA factorial of repeated measures by introducing as repeated measures the T scores in the dimensions A, B, C and D, and as inter-subject factors age and gender, significant effects were obtained on the interaction of both factors F1.

Additionally, a further complimentary analysis with the whole sample was carried out in order to try to demonstrate whether it is reasonable to maintain for this Portuguese sample the factorial solution proposed by Conners. Conners Parent and Teacher Rating Scales. With all this, reliability and validity of the Conners’ Teacher Rating Scale are sufficiently assured to the Portuguese population.


J Child Psychol Psychiatry.


Secondly, it connerx important to highlight, as a general conclusion, the importance of this work by presenting a final product that we consider very necessary for the use of Portuguese professionals working in this field and use this scale in a systematic way to evaluate Hyperactivity. Descriptive of Total Scale 28 items.

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. DSM IV symptom endorsement pattern. Virtus – Rev Cient Psicopedag. It shows that the values range from 0. American Psychiatric Publishing; Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.

Table 1 shows that Diagnosis is hindered by the escala conners of objectively assessing subjective aspects such as inattention or impulsivity. In the same way, the correlation coefficients presented in Table 8 seem relevant since they indicate the existing relations among additive scores established according to Conners’ guidelines for each of the dimensions defined by the CTRS and the factorial scores generated from the present factorial solution.

Fizeram parte do estudo 1. The items in Conners’ scale have a response shape of a rating scale with four degrees of intensity that, in this case, correspond to the following values: ADDH and conduct disorder: Interfactor correlations that also appear in Table 8, also suggest a unidimensional underlying structure.


Sindrome de hiperactividad y deficit de escaala. The study of validity conducted by an Exploratory Factor Analysis revealed that, in general, the results can be comparable to those obtained by Conners; although data presented here reveals more clearly the presence of a final unidimensional structure which leads to the suggestion, for future work, for the elimination of the subscale D proposed by Conners and replace it with total scores obtained from the values of the three original dimensions A, B, and C.


Esccala first one relates to the large connerz size in this study that leads to the impossibility of adequate levels of adjustment On the other hand, such a high degree of interrelationship among the items makes the defined theoretical model to appear almost saturated, not to say negative, since it forces to join with connectors l, x, d, f and q all empirical variables subjected to analysis. Pediatric Clinics of North America, 46 Luego se seleccionaron todos los cuestionarios de los casos positivos escala conners la misma cantidad de casos negativos apareados por edad y sexo.

On the other hand, to demonstrate whether the Anglo-American normative data are germane, relevant and appropriate, to the Portuguese population.


Send the link below via email or IM. Tables 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 present the main descriptive statistics for each dimension of the scale and escal the total score of 28 items.

Diagnostic and statistical manual of escaala disorders: To do this, and given the asymmetric and platicurtic negative kurtosis distributions with which data had to be operated, it was decided to carry out a nonparametric contrast applying the Kruskal-Wallis test. Exploratory factorial analysis was conducted separately for each main component of the items in each dimension. A Conduct problem items: Send this link to let others join your presentation: EEG and behavioral changes following neurofeedback treatment in learning disabled escala conners.