Edith’s memoir Taken Care Of is more connectedly written than English Eccentrics, and very sad indeed. Rejected by her parents (“I was. “Eccentricity exists particularly in the English”, June 8, This review is from: English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird (Paperback) A variable collection of. Poet, biographer and celebrated eccentric Sitwell’s gallery of historical English outliers: “Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of.

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A collective of bibliophiles talking about books. Post-Truth set in early May, 22 Van Butchell on a purple pony with a large white bone in his hand, Colonel Ketterfelto with his cats, Dr. The stories are all sorted by topic, which makes for very pleasant reading.

Dame Edith was an eyeful.

English eccentrics / [by] Edith Sitwell – Details – Trove

Born in Antigua inCoates came from a wealthy family that owned slave plantations. When a passenger unwisely remarked that he had never been upset in a gig, the squire turned on him edihh outrage: Subscribe to this site’s feed via FeedBurner or click here for an email subscription. Bieiris rated it liked it Mar 30, Squire Jack Mytton, born inwas addicted to stronger stuff. This was an entertaining debut. Society this is not eccenteics.

Roland rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Elwes lamented the habits of the common crow, that bleak and boring bird. You are commenting using your Twitter account. English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird Paperback A variable collection of characters, from the true eccentrics to It is often a kind of innocent pride, and the man of genius and the aristocrat are frequently regarded as eccentrics because genius and aristocrat are entirely unafraid of and uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the crowd.

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English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell

You still upbraid me to the stars, and I feel sure that you will not find me incompetent. On page 93 we read: A very nice collection of real life stories about odd English people, complemented by Sitwell’s eccenrics highly sarcastic and witty commentary.


Such a singular philosophy bound these disparate lives! He erected a small hut on the sands at Hythe for easy access to the sea, where he would remain among the waves until he fainted. To ask other readers questions about The English Eccentricsplease sign up.

The English Eccentrics

Not the easiest one to start reading your TBR stack s but definitely a very good one — and a classic. No mere catalog of eccentricity The inimitable Edith Sitwell, in her jewelled prose, weaves together the threads of assorted strange personages, and the effect is hypnotic. The section on travelers is dominated by the exotic imposter Princess Cariboo, whom the exiled Napoleon wanted to marry; and this anecdote is followed by one about a fake cannibal chief.

I have or had one of them ; a little round urn-shaped box with a englisg. Because they are not quite human but part of the wind which chase them, their oddities are bearable: She gives them a touch of the birdish—a feather, a grating little squawk, they are quacks who can quack, and so move our compassion or laughter.

And then there were the clothes.

I Alw a member of the Royal Horticultural Society because of its gardens at Wisley, because of its occasional gifts of seedlings, because of its fortnightly flower shows and because of my fellow members. These are the sportsmen, Mr.

Hirst, Colonel Thornton, Squire Mytton. Most of the eccentrics in her book are similarly damaged human goods, retreating into modes of behaviour designed to hold the world at bay.

Nathan so much that he found more and more faults in her.

Follow us on Twitter: Those two ladies knitting with mittens on their feet and their feet on two chairs ; that silver-haired man in pale blue homespun, hurrying after a wife whose trousers are darker blue ; the other old gentleman, to be likened with all possible tenderness to a nutritious and benevolent mutton chop, unable to hurry because of his girth, fob and stock; those hats like gloxinias or mushrooms, those dustcloaks ehglish asparagus and nemophila—where are they to be seen except at Vincent Square?


She also played the role of the Bohemian poet beyond the point of parody. Thomas Suffold with his Pillulae Londineae, Dr. Evoked by Miss Sitwell they rise from the dust, but not quite in human semblance—they would be too ugly if they were, and cases for the magistrate.

There are others whom a cold little wind prefigures: First-rate Monsters — the Mapp and Englosh novels of E. Presently it was pulled down, and mementoes made out of the timber. Like the curate’s egg – good in parts but quite a lot of dross in between!

If there is any justice in heaven, many of these tragic heroes, the sad Beau Brummell in particular, will be restored to their youthful glories. Ken, unfortunately those jobs have dried up drastically over the last decade or so…the technological changes in the movie business, and the way things are farmed out at the least expense, so assistants are having to read scripts for no extra pay.

Death scenes were particularly popular and the Gifted Amateur was often obliged to perform encores in which he died again and again.

That would be a pity. In time his lordship rarely left his bath. Virginia Woolf described her as resembling an ivory elephant: All kinds of eccentricity are noted by this witty, urbane and often unexplored writer. English Eccentrics is laced with sadness and there engglish a chill to the wit.