Contactless deburring with ECM – electro-chemical machining: It is fair to describe the precision deburring or burnishing of metal components using the. Although deburring technology is used in precision manufacturing and high- quality machining, deburring is still considered a difficult problem. Deburring and edge finishing technology as the final process of machining operation is required for manufacturing of advanced precise components. Fitting a.

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The effects deburging component stress as a result of the manufacturing process are also a concern for components that will be functioning under extreme operating conditions. The methods used up to now – mechanical or thermal processes, or water jet technology – have not achieved the intended productivity levels, nor the desired reproducibility and cost-effectiveness. Applications of ECG includes sharpening of cemented carbide tools, grinding of surgical needles, other thin wall tubes, and fragile parts.

Manufacturing high-precision surfaces and deburring in deburrung efficient manner with minimal workpiece finishing time is a primary objective of manufacturing engineers working in fields such as aerospace, transportation and energy. The cathode is designed to maintain a gap between itself and the workpiece surface.

With regard to the deburring process this is of great importance, as the relatively small problem of a burr can very quickly escalate to a crisis. The ECM process is highly stable with very good process control which ensures accuracy, quality, consistency and the highest repeatability.


Electrochemical Deburring and Grinding ~ ME Mechanical

ME Mechanical Team https: The ECM process is a revolutionary way to manufacture high precision components. Related Posts on Manufacturing topic s. The mechanical machining and deburring of pump housings is currently considered state-of-the-art. Dfburring speed of material removal is dictated by the DC current applied.

When can you say a System is in Thermodynamic Equilibrium? The separation deburrng between the cathode and the workpiece is key to regulating the material removal process. Controlling the gap by designing the appropriate fixtures including cathodes. You benefit from our speed and global branch offices.

The shape of the cathode determines the final shape of the workpiece or the impression imaging placed upon the workpiece. Undercuts, pockets or internal, intersecting drill holes do not present that much of a challenge for mechanical machining processes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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In industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical, precision finishing of machined parts is critical to the refinement of end product performance levels. Trust our experts to manage these key process considerations: A typical cycle time in ECD is less than a minute.

Abrasives materials used in ECG include aluminum oxide and diamond. Don’t fill this field!

The dressing of the grinding wheel is required much less frequently. On the contrary, it has up to now been considered a necessary evil. Creates defined surface structuring to optimize the tribology at the component surface — retaining oil at a bearing surface.

This makes ECM ideal for the following surface machining applications:.



We’re here for you Degurring you have questions or need more detailed information regarding this machine? However, a precondition is that the whole process is mastered. Workpiece material is removed only at precisely defined locations. Less material is removed in the Electrochemical Deburring ECD machining process; cycle times are much shorter. Optimizes the surface characteristics of the workpiece. Because the cathode never comes into contact with the workpiece, the tooling has no process-related wear.

Advantages of this process include: Contactless deburring with ECM – electro-chemical machining. Workpieces with complex geometries often contain machining sectors that are difficult to get at. Visit our about section to know more. Wear-resistant, precise, contactless and economical denurring all predicates that apply to the ECM deburring process.

The process time is fast as compared to conventional methods and multiple parts per cycle can be machined resulting in a lower unit cost of production. Electrochemical deburring ECD is an adaptation of Electrochemical Machining ECM process designed to remove burrs or to round sharp corners on metal workpieces by anodic dissolution method. To prevent this, it is important to define the machining direction right from the start, when choosing the operating process and the process sequence. This makes ECM ideal for the following surface machining applications: