El Malogrado – Thomas Bernhard. Cargado por Diego . Thomas L. Friedman. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Not Ourselves: A Novel. Matthew Thomas. The Loser is a novel by Thomas Bernhard, originally published in German in Contents. 1 Plot introduction; 2 Plot summary; 3 Allusions to actual events. Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. .. Este es el leitmotiv del libro, o uno de ellos, y recuerda mucho al conflicto.

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I only live it now, as they did in theirs. He stays in obscurity, where, as a writer, he is comfortable.

El malogrado – Thomas Bernhard • BookLikes (ISBN)

Clocks having betnhard set in motion then, Werthemier’s suicide was inevitable. But rather Why is it going on and why am I reading this and why oh why Bernhard wrote something of this sorts? Grey — The nalogrado that most of the characters created during large part of twentieth century and whole of twenty-first century till date, are painted in. If there’s humor in Bernhard, it’s of the gallows variety. The musical genius of Glenn Gould, the pinnacle of art, is what serves as the reference defining all three of their lives.

While I had empathy for all the three as they possessed no massive blemishes on their hearts, I could not warm upto them for they bordered on the sunshine but never bothered to usher it in, even through the doors of unhappiness and dry humor. Wertheimer, who had been a very promising virtuoso himself, follows suit, abandoning music and moving mmalogrado the “human sciences”, the meaning of which is left vague. Glenn Gould, Wertheimer e il narratore.


It seems like GG had no idea of the effect he was having on berbhard two friends, but then again, GG never read The Loserso how could he? This parting slap in the face of his native country thus came not only as a surprise; rhomas came from the hand of a dead man, whose laughter rang out from the grave.

Mar 29, Bern rated it it was amazing. Some of his most well known works include “The loser” where he ficitionalizes about Glenn Gould”Correction” and maligrado. At one point I was reading this at the bar in a diner at, like, a little hernhard midnight and this foreign-sounding guy came up to me and said “You’re reading that? I am writing this review whilst listening to Glenn Gould perform the Goldberg Variations here: Share your thoughts with other customers.

There is no contentment, no grace or dignity, for the also-ran, who acknowledges his insignificance, malograd insufficiency in the field of his ‘calling’ or his ordained vocation. His art is dark, blackened by madness, numbing like opium. The intellect of the two, the loser and the philosopher, was also responsible for their failure. I wonder what would have happened if they could keep it up every day, all of the time, of feeling good enough.

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Gould gracelessly adds insult to injury by calling Wertheimer a loser, thus Wertheimer is the loser of the novel’s title.

And in the cases of both those exampl Ever wondered if you were a genius?

Or for that matter, our narrator, in his directionless transit? Una lettura molto interessante. This is one of the strangest books I have read.

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On the other hand, I cannot factor their wealth out of the equation either. All our lives we yearn to be with these people and want to reach out to bernard and when we realize what we feel for them are rejected by them and indeed in the most brutal fashion.


He was the Philosopher who philosophized everything Glenn and Wertheimer did to get over his loss: This outrageous two-instrument skill was impossible for poor Mary to beat, so she spent her life in a permanent rage against this otherwise harmless bearded man who liked smoothies and taking things at mallgrado sluggish pace.

His tjomas innovation ranks with Beckett and Kafka, his outrageously cantankerous voice recalls Dostoevsky, but his gift for lacerating, lyrical, provocative prose is incomparably his own.

If piano playing was a metaphorical place of Worship, then Gould became a kind of God for them from that day on and everything he did henceforth had catastrophic consequences especially for Wertheimer. The Loser is a tag Glenn gives Wertheimer on the first day of their meeting. Set up a giveaway. Library and Archives Canada. Tre gli attori principali, tutti pianisti: I remember Marilynne Robinson a Bach lover, same as Wertheimer, same as Glenn Gould saying no writers really represent human as opposed to alien?

There is an interesting and informative afterword to the Vintage International edition of The Loserwritten by Mark M. Si apprezza molto, specialmente quando ci si riflette sopra a lettura finita specialmente se poi intervengono preziosissimi aiuti come quello della mia inconsapevole collaboratrice di questa rece!