The Bronze Horseman is a romance novel written by Paullina Simons and the first book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. The book begins on 22 June , the . El Jinete De Bronce by Paullina Simons, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy El Jinete De Bronce Translation by Paullina Simons (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Man of Steel that one. Oh no, that would be too trivial Plus, it feels authentic and realistic and there is so much beauty in that.

Dec 29, Tatiana’s parents send her twin brother Pasha to a boys’ camp so that the army won’t draft him. You’ll just be reading normally and your emotional state will be relatively stable well, still full of aching for them missing each other but bearably so in a ‘current’ scene but then a memory will be inserted and just throw you right over the emotional edge.

Through word of mouth that book was welcomed by readers all over the world. The main story lies in the romance with Tatiana Metanova and Alexander Belov.

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This book spoke to my soul. She blinked and felt her breath become shorter. I loved getting to know this Jonete, seeing the struggles of Tatiana’s family and everyone else in Leningrad, and it was just overall really interesting being thrust into t [2. When Dimitri is recognized by the border guards, a firefight kills Dimitri and the guards on both sides of the border, while severely wounding Dr.


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El Jinete De Bronce

Fortunately, the time will Tatiana moves in a forward pace for the most eimons. Kept it at 2 stars because the Russian war setting is still done well. Tatiana’s grandparents evacuate to Molotovbut Tatiana is unable to travel because of her broken leg, meaning that she, Dasha, and her parents are trapped in the city during the Siege of Leningrad.

Orbeli was the ultimate sacrifice that Alexander gave to Tania. It’s exquisitely written, achingly heart wrenching, deeply heart warming, and utterly beautiful, unforgettable and incomparable in every way!!! Kindle Sijonspages. Throughout the entire book, I felt as though I was being constantly injected with little bouts of adrenaline.

El Jinete De Bronce : Paullina Simons :

Once there was first love. Anyway, back to convincing you View all 10 comments. He’s a lot nicer seen through his own eyes. Tatiana, the tender-hearted martyr she is, decides to give up her love for Alexander for the sake of her beloved sister. Though I feel a bit guilty about saying this, I must admit that I won’t be surprised if abuse becomes an issue with Alexander in the later books.

I NEED to read a book similar to this peoples!! It was such a surprise for me, such an emotional and heart-breaking read, a complete roller-coaster of all existing human emotions. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This epic tale of love and loss is a must-read for any romance reader. I don’t even know how anything else is going to top this trilogy for me.

Tatiana and Alexander

Also, the book does NOT go into any lengthy detail on historical events. Plot progression in regards to what happened directly after the events of the first book moved very slowly.


But just a few complaints: His battle scenes were pret 3. pajllina

I seriously doubt you will be unsatisfied! Tatia develops feelings for a soldier named Alexander. However, Alexander visits her the following day, meeting her outside of the Kirov factory where she works.

And I will, never again. Okay, that was an issue for me too and while you do get a bit about WWII, it’s not laden down with tons of facts. In the past they had been sabotaged but now nothing can stand against their love. I always thought that The Night Circus, a fantasy novel, would always be my favorite book of all time. No matter what I write for this book it won’t be enough. It’s almost hard to believe that these things actually happened to innocent human beings, just because of where they were born.

You will understand just how momentous that scene on the street, when Alexander sees Tatiana for the first time in her white dress with red roses, eating an ice cream, really was for Alexander. I was there with them in postwar Berlin. This book is about getting up when you don’t think you can. Where is the splendid horseman, my gold ring and my chain, my black bag and my brightest day? How can two hearts beat strong?