DUMB AND DUMBERER. When Harry Met Lloyd. Based on characters created by. Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly. & Bennet Yellin. Screenplay by. Read, review and discuss the entire Dumb & Dumber movie script by Unknown on Writer: Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin Starring: Jim Carrey as Lloyd Jeff Daniels as Harry Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson. Grade: A-. “Dumb and.

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A lot of bad drivers out there. I’ll bet you our next meal that I can get you gambling before the day’s out.

It’s the soup of the day. She’s wearing a spectacular black cocktail dress. Who needs a radio?

I’m on my way. What do you say?

Dumb & Dumber Movie Script

Run for your life before this man kills you both. Believe me, I would never dumn anything to offend a man of your size. That car’s an old bomb anyway. Yeah, and that’s what she said.


15 Brilliant Facts About Dumb and Dumber | Mental Floss

You know, this place doesn’t really do it for me. What more could a couple of single guys like us ask for?

The bathroom door opens and Mary comes out. Now, Ahd want to know who they are and what they’re doing with it!

I want to ask you a question straight out, flat out, and I want screfnplay to give me an honest answer. I drove a long way to see you, the least you can do is level with me. Let’s face it, Barney, we’re all from the same mold. And now we’re rolling down the hill Down the hill. I don’t think I could Go ahead, open it up. Pleasure to meet you both. He starts to read the graffiti scrawled on the wall.

Grabner falls back in his chair, exhausted. You can’t if you have a double-stamp! Swanson had a homing device plated in the briefcase.

When he gets it to the door, he struggles to lift the engine on it’s side, finally managing to slip the key into the lock.


Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Who’s got the foot-long? It could be a xumb to our egos. Lloyd keeps glancing at her in the rear-view mirror, but for a moment he is speechless. It just doesn’t make sense. Fraida told me the whole sordid story.

You know, the thing What did you find out so far? Mary is torn between getting her briefcase and waiting for Harry. That’s a special feeling, Lloyd. I swallowed a big Dumbrr bug when we were driving.

I said to myself, “Run, Beth. I’m doing the best I can. I don’t know how, but I’m going to get you. I’m only human, Harry!

Shay a few hundred feet up the hill with a high-powered rifle trained on Harry.