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O You, whose mercy is a refuge for all those In dire need who flee to You to lose their woes, 2. The kings all bow like us to Your great sovereignty, You choose whom to abase or raise decisively.

Lord, we stand before You now, bereft without You, sua, Without design or strategy, by every tempest tossed; Please download one of our supported browsers. And place our status over those who took our lands, Constrain their cua now, and tightly bind their hands; We seek no good except what flows from Your wide door And yearn for grace that comes from Your unending more. You bring us to the path should we all go astray And overlook our slips when we lose our way; La ghalib illallah, Edited from the text of Shaykh Nairi.

Secure our hearts within Your glorious defense, In restless journeys far or in our residence; Constriction is increasing, there is no cure in sight, So hasten to our needs, respond to set them right! Supplication is the true weapon of a believer.

Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation : Prayer of the Oppressed

Full text of ” Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation: So it was thatfrom that day, an inspired people moved inexorably to independence from the French, and the restoration of a Sharifi kingship.


O master of reprieve, whose pardon is so near, You answer all in need; they know that You do hear! Always lead us, Lord, to what is right and true, The path real martyrs take and those who gaze on You; He then embedded this declaration of absolute dependence in the luminous and dazzling confirmation that Allah, glory be to Him, was the Answerer of supplications. Complete and blissful knowledge of You within our soul! Sustainer of us all, O towering support, Our Lord who grants us all defense within His fort, And on his noble family down the ages, everyone, Companions, followers, every daughter, every son.

Fill our land with good prosperity, Release our citizens from dire poverty; 66 67 Overcome our foes with Your subduing might, Nasiru all their hopes, and force them to take flight; Accept this prayer, O Lord: Deter their evil aims, and dash eua unjust plan; Repel them from our gates, and mystify each man.

By the rank of everyone You raise to noble heights, Among those You conceal or those You bring to light, 1 Al-jaras or here, for the meter, al-jars is the totality of divine expression that comes with unrelenting force.

All created things You hold in Your embrace, With mercy and with light, the compass of Your grace. It must be remembered that during this time French planes were indiscriminately bombing and machine-gunning those villages and settlements that resisted the occupation. Bestow Your nxsiri solace on the perfect Chosen One, Your plenitudinous grace upon his dazzling sun; It is not, however, a pyramid letter the spreading of which alone will secure success.

We seek sincerely endless grace You do provide.

We beg for Your relief, redeemer of the weak; You are enough for us, both humbled and so meek. Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? What was the position of the Maghribi Muslims in the face of the occupation is now the position of the world’s Muslims in the face of that tiny oligarchy which has swept aside national and international law, while deliberately bringing about the destruction of the planet in their ruthless control through the wealth of commodities, media and the usury finance system.


Be gentle with our souls in all You have decreed, Bestow on us what pleases You in what we need.

Nasiri Dua Produced By Ameen Harron by Abdelfatah Mouttaqui | Free Listening on SoundCloud

From all ourwords and deeds, choose those thatremain The highest and the best, so heaven is our gain; His Zawiya in Fez became the fountainhead of the national awakening which led to the liberation of the entire Maghrib from French colonialism. Faced with the massive military strength of France, its trained and technologically equipped army as well as its air force, the ulama the Muslim Scholars recognised that in nasiir terms there was no chance of victory. By this Dua, we become the ones who can construct the future on nwsiri ruins now strewn across the deserts of humanism.

The value of the Nasiri Dua is that, once understood and recited, nxsiri modern Muslim begins to think and plan and act in the clear recognition that the enemy are not strong, that their money is worthless, that their systematisation creates chaos and not order.

They masiri us without strength, and deem us without power, Our numbers in their eyes seem easy to devour. Haven of the helpless, upon You we depend; Helper of the hapless, we trust in Your godsend!