The Siege of Vraks was a major campaign waged by the Imperium to reclaim the . In the end, the Chaos fleet overwhelmed the Imperial planetary defenders. Explore Defender of vraks’s 45 photos on Flickr! Defender of vraks. Follow. Give Pro. 1 Follower•0 Following. 45 Photos. Joined About · Photostream. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. 40k Lore, The Siege of Vraks! The Defenders: ?a via @YouTube.

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They were surrounded and annihilated to the man, with Krieg forces unable to aid them due to poor visibility. In the north, the 1 st Korps was finally reinforced by an influx of freshly-arrived troops from Krieg. This would draw in the enemy’s reserves and then destroy them under the artillery bombardment or in powerful infantry attacks.

I am really happy with the way the Chaos iconography turned out and I look forward to adding more symbols vraos graffiti to this Chimera.

Chaos renegade sentinel conversions | Defender of vraks | Flickr

The competition has grinded to a halt, thanks to the new codices and upcoming tournaments. The complex took a merciless pounding from artillery and airpower as underground Krieg engineers created additional breaches to pour troops through.

But still the advancing lines did not falter, on they came, walking ever forwards into the firestorm. The 88th Siege Army was losing an average of 2, men a day, without any regiment actually launching an attack.

Each regiment would have its own artillery companies, with weaponry ranging from small mortars to the medium artillery of heavy mortars and Quad Launchers. Unfortunately, trying to stay out of melta range became difficult on the 4′ x 4′ table and their armor saves and periodic invuln from faith made them difficult to thin out enough.

M41, on a dark night, Attas’ assault companies set off, slithering through no-man’s land on their bellies, their Colonel at the fore. After two days of grueling fighting the enemy had their breakthrough, and 1st line korps was forced to make a tactical withdrawal, as its entire position was in danger of being compromised by the collapse of the 19 th regiment on its left flank. Still WIPbut I think it looks appropriate.


Instead, they were busy in an attempt to summon new allies to the field. Orders were issued to the other regiments to withdraw, whilst the st regiment would need to turn its flank and dig-in as best it could. Some of the Sentinels were taken out by black Land Speeders that swooped in, Assault Cannons blazing. I didn’t have time to paint up a competitive point list, so I just brought my point list with some minor additions: Lord Arkos was a useful and powerful ally for Cardinal Xaphan and the Chaos Lord’s offer of aid was gratefully accepted by the Vraksian Traitors.

The Imperium had no idea how many Disciples Xaphan had, but they would form the disciplined core of his Traitor Militia. Ever consider a dirty whitish cloth for the rags on his head. At some point, I will also build a Chaos Daemons army, but first things first.

The enemy found themselves under constant attack as Azrael’s armoured thrusts carefully advanced, clearing the way as they went. Thanks to the inspiration and guidance from Shep, I am extremely happy with the results of the Heavy Vvraks Team: Down to just 80 men, communication to the rear was soon severed.

Official Imperial records show that the official time recorded from the beginning of the Siege defedners Vraks was at dawn, on This is old news, but I figured I would update the main entry to or what you may read about Shep’s army below.

Seeking to maintain the initiative, Lord Zuehkle organized for a massive offensive to finally defebders decisively end the conflict. Furthermore, we all finished our painting on time. The last thing I’d do would be to add some freehand detail, some mechrite red right out of the bottle to make chaos stars and X’s to go over the imperial iconography would add a little more fun.

The Dark Angels plan of attack on the star port. After the uprising the Traitors’ newly won freedom was short-lived. Over the months, hundreds of attacks were made, but there was no breakthrough. In darkness the communication trenches began to fill up with troops, as the first wave got into position. The Departmento Munitorum maintained a labour corps on Vraks Prime that was large and included many Ogryns.


Defender of vraks

The Departmento Munitorum planners knew that Xaphan’s rebel forces were well-armed from the planets stores and dug into the formidable defenses of Vraks, so picking the Krieg Regiments, themselves siege and trench warfare specialists, seemed like the natural choice.

Le Grognard Nice concept, I shall be following this thread and stealing your idea in lieu of the ‘esclation league’ format at the FLGS. Implacable Skitarii Boiler Room, Texas. Those forces secretly lurking around the Eye of Terror who heard the call were drawn like moths to a flame by a flickering psychic light that promised battle, slaughter and plunder.

These units were accompanied by Atlas Excavators, equipped with dozer blades to fill in the anti-tank ditch that protected the fort and allow the tanks to cross. However, before committing to a full engagement, he needed to send his own reconnaissance team to gather full details on this new enemy.

Come check my Ork Project Blog: We just hit 1k points.

After the sudden rush of the breakthrough and the crisis of the 1 st Korps, the advancing regiments of devenders remaining three korps were ordered to halt.

Master Llyons very nice renegade guard. Good to see you getting bloggy about your traitors. Somnicide I think that the green GW ones are fine. These monstrous guns would be adding their considerable weight to the rolling barrage, then switch to hit enemy strong points deeper in the defeenders zone. In all, 52 tanks of the 7 th Tank regiment, Leman Russes and Macharius Heavy Tankshad been positioned, against an estimated enemy attack that still had over a hundred, although their numbers were growing all the time if reports were to be believed.