Containment [Christian Cantrell, William Dufris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Earth’s ability to support human life begins to diminish. Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell – book cover, description, publication history. Cantrell’s debut takes a technically detailed, hard-SF look at possible planetary colonization of Venus. Arik is part of Generation V (for Venus).

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This kind of world building is repeated on eve This review is based on the ebook sample Rating: Christian Cantrell’s novel paints a vivid picture of what life would be like if Earth was destroyed from a cataclysmic event and was forced to develop programs for space colonization in other parts of the solar system. The selected famil When Cantrrll Ockley wakes up in a hospital after being rescued from a serious “outside” accident, his life is suddenly turned upside down when he begins to use his genius-like high-tech skills to uncover a well hidden secret that the founders of A1 a geodesic dome style containment cotainment the planet Venus have been harboring for decades.

I think he underpriced the book on Kindle, but I would have been a bit peevish had I spent the full price for a print version. Cantrell tells the story very well. The story gets off to a bit I picked this up from the Kindle store when it was either free, or rather cheap under a pound.

The premise of the story was interesting enough, but the scientific and historical info dumps were very distracting.


For some readers there might be too much detailed and complicated science not normally understood by the layman, but then again, others like myself who know nothing about science just might find it incredibly fascinating in spite of the incredibly detailed data. He couldn’t tell anymore how far he was willing to go, or even what he might be capable of.

The mystery of what happened to Arik that precipitated his brain surgery and led to his memory loss is suddenly dumped on us, removing all mystery and plot devices. Cantrell pulls an M.

What happened to Earth?

After a puzzling accident, Arik wakes up to find that his wife is three months pregnant. There is also some philosophy of technology tucked into the story in a very non-infodumpy way.

As it turns out, the oxygen supply has been a major issue contaijment the colony began. A recommendation from a colleague. If you are a science fiction fan, then you will enjoy this book. I would’ve given this book 5 stars if it weren’t for the unresolved ending.

Lists with This Book. He wondered how much Zaire knew about the baby. I had high hopes for this novel and just ended up chucking it to the side in disgust. Containment follows around Arik Ockley, a brilliant computer scientist who’s recovering from an accident.

Containment (Christian Cantrell)

As Earth’s ability to support human life diminishes, the Global Space Agency is formed with a single mandate: More difficult to overlook is the lack of connection with the characters. Mysteries,and questions begin to surface as Arik begins to discover layers of lies, christjan, and betrayals that will put all their lives at risk. V1 is the name given to the first Venus colony.


This is a matter of taste, and I wouldn’t have minded if it had been supported by better writing: Thirdly, a whole generation has been born and raised but no one died in that time? Parts of this book were great, and others not so much. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Too bad no one told him that solving problems isn’t always a good thing.

Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell

I just had a hard time enjoying the book, enjoying reading it. This is eventually achieved on Venus, where a largely self sustaining colony of people is set up to work on technological breakthroughs that will ultimately aid all of mankind. Additionally, the excessive scientific and historical exposition made the human aspect of the story choppy and disjointed. And it’s a great plot twist, if somewhat implausible. They read like a history book.

The stowaway, or a few vials of vaccine that may prove critical to the survival of contajnment colony? A community of humans trying to survive as the first Venusian colony create a second generation of colonists when they realise they have enough oxygen to support more people.