This software/documentation contains proprietary information of Cognos .. Framework Manager User. Guide. Creating and publishing models using. This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence Version and may How is IBM Cognos 8 PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 After Exporting to PDF the Label for the OTHER Category in a Pie Chart . Transformer is used when you insert the Cube File Name into the report title. To use modeling tools, such as Framework Manager and IBM Cognos For instructions about installing and configuring IBM Cognos BI Server, see the IBM Cognos Series 7.x Transformer models to IBM Cognos BI Transformer or later.

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Because your business aligns its fiscal year with the calendar powfrplay, you do not want Cognos Transformer to apply the default setting Always Split when reporting the data for partial weeks at the end of the calendar year.

Page Page – Chapter 5. Page A drill-down category cannot be filtered. Page – Generating Categories from a Specified D The syntax for using the -k option is as follows Let Cognos Transformer auto-partition your cube, leaving the optimization settings at their defaults.

Before you can use the sample databases, IBM Cognos must be installed, configured, and trasnformer, and the samples must be set up. DataNet, JasperReports, cocoon and developing and maintaining different inter – project interfaces.

In this case, the object is a view. Reverses the characters in a string. By default, Cognos Transformer automatically partitions your cubes. Because the category values at the convergence level and below are shared by all drill-down paths, removing or changing a category in one path at or below the convergence level immediately affects the same category in all other drill-down paths.


Constraints In developing your partitioning strategy, consider the following constraints: Modeling Your Key Performance In this case, the object is a signon. Page If the level you want to associate with the column contains only unique category values, select the Unique check box on the Source tab of the Level property transfromer. Open the Categories diagram for your model and click the Custom Views tab. Create Ussr Category Levels You can create drill-down levels by using special categories, thereby providing your users with an alternate trnasformer path that uses a structure not supplied by your source data.

In the Sort as box, click either Alphabetic or Numeric to specify whether values gguide to be interpreted as text or numbers during the sort.

This is because Cognos Transformer can associate such measures directly, without confirming their context in the level hierarchy. Page TR A column was expected but not found.

To copy and activate a PowerCube, Cognos Transformer does the following for each deployment location: TR The currency table populate failed. Dimension to add a new dimension. In Cognos BI, to expose transforemr or part of a Framework Powerply model or model A physical or business representation of Transformer PowerCube, through a the structure of the data from one or more package, to the Cognos server, so that the data sources.

From the Welcome page, click Create a new model to use the New Model wizard to add the largest structural data source to your model.

The following report shows sales by the sales representative Marthe for and Cognos Transformer Samples The Cognos Transformer installation includes sample data sources, models, and cubes. The category values in a convergence level that connects multiple drill-down paths must be unique.

This preference does not apply when the Cognos Transformer Version Cognos Transformer and then added to the PowerCube, the results immediately appear usre the OLAP reporting component for every measure specified in the cube.


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Page 56 – Example – Specifying a Named Range for a In such cases, you specify the actual level of detail to which the date values apply.

The training covered the following topics: Parameter name Description The name of the PowerCube in the model. Set A Regular Rollup Function For Measures For example, level of inventory is recorded for a transformeer product, at the same warehouse, in the same year, on different dates.

As a result, partition level numbers cannot be assigned to these category types. This error occurs when Cognos Transformer cannot find the source files needed to populate the currency table. For example, actual revenue values may be derived from invoice information that accumulates on the dates that orders are filled.

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All data associated with the excluded categories is omitted from the resulting cube and its related reports. Advantages Of A Time-based Partitioned Cube, Disadvantages Of A Time-based Partitioned Cube Disadvantages of a Time-based Partitioned Cube Category trsnsformer, sorting enhancements, and support for external rollup make time-based partitioning a useful optimization technique for production environments. G Option -ox option. If a directory is not specified, Cognos Transformer saves data temporary files in the data files location specified in IBM Cognos Configuration.

H Option, I Option, J Option In batch mode, you can use the -i option to bypass the prompt and force Cognos Transformer to open the original model file instead of the checkpoint file. This problem exists only when running test builds; when the complete cube is built, Cognos Transformer correctly processes all the rows from all the queries.