Disclaimer: CNC Concepts, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of if you could send me a list of the benefits between using G96 instead of G Constant Surface feet spindle speeds – G96, G97, G77, G To use the following codes the OmniTurn must be equipped with a spindle control package. TwinCAT CNC Axis Commissioning G97 Deselection of constant cutting speed , selection of spindle speed (modal, default) Using the G-functions G96, G97 and G, the interpretation of the S-word (or S-strings) can be optionally changed.

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In all cases, the reader is totally responsible for considering the implications, good and bad, of implementing one or more of the techniques we show. On a machining g996 our cutter is always revolving at the same speed so the feed can be constant in mm per minute.

G96 & G97 on lathe. – Industrial Forum –

I’ve always just h97 it to work to my liking by messing with the 3 numbers, but can anyone tell me exactly what changes when the G96 changes? Mike’s Tech Talk column. The ones you use every day you will remember whether you want to or not. This constant increase and decrease in rpm not only wastes cycle time, it wastes electricity and causes undue wear-and-tear on the spindle drive system.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Use your display name or email address to sign in: So if you programme. Now, thanks to all the people that answered my question, I have a much better cncc of what to change. My hamster suffered with depression on account of being stuck in a cage all day and not having a girlfriend oh and he had a lot of credit card debts too. When using constant surface speed mode, the programmer simply enters the speed in the program directly in sfm no need for any calculations.


This is a surface speed. Register a new account.

Cycle time waster – While one of the benefits of constant surface speed is improved efficiency, it must be programmed wisely. The faster the spindle runs, the faster the tool will machine.

Basic Turning G96 G97 – CNC Programmer Training

I find it peculiar that someone asks a question and suddenly vnc knowledge is questioned, as if everybody here knows everything and was born knowing. You know when you face a part on a CNC Lathe and you hear that change in pitch? One of the reasons why manual machinists have trouble getting used to constant surface speed mode is that they cannot predict what rpm the spindle will be running.

The Optional Stop newsletter. However, when you program to use G96 in Mastercam, you will see an initial G97 move at cn toolchange. I use it when I teach a class on the basic principles of machining.

F97 will be slow at the OD, and as it moves closer to X0, it will speed up until it hits the max spindle speed. Wasn’t trying to take a shot at you. This RPM is calculated using the formula listed above, using your cutting start point as the diameter.


There are at least four benefits to using constant surface speed mode for appropriate applications. There are many converters online that you can use for this and I do recommend their use. How does someone ccn been programming for 10 years not know what constant surface speed is? I’ve only programmed Haas lathes and I’ve always gotten the following code: You can use G97 and have the RPM stay the same, no matter what the cutting diameter.

What are the benefits of constant surface speed?

Having your spindle constant ramp up to max then down to 1, then up and down again isn’t really the best practice. But you must remember to use it cncc know the maximum rpm a workpiece can be rotated without vibration. What I really mean is that the most important thing is to understand what the machine can do and the concepts of programming and Basic Turning.

This speed is published by cutting tool manufacturers and is based upon the material being machined and the material of the cutting tool’s cutting edge. For round, true running workpieces, cncc is acceptable.

Guess my question can be taken a few different ways. We are a small machine shop located in Ohio.