PRAYERS OF ACTIVATION FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE | CINDY . Scripture references are given at the end of each declaration, and at the. Activation Declaration By Dr. Cindy Trimm. I declare that there will be no substitutes no hold ups, no set backs and no delays. My season of. ACTIVATION DECLARATIONS I stand to command my morning and declare it is a new day. I take authority over my day in the name of Jesus. Cindy Trimm.

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And just as he took authority and overcame everything that threatened his ascent to the throne, you must take authority and overcome everything that threatens your ascent into the realm of success and prosperity. Let the sevenfold manifestation of Your Holy Spirit be upon me this day. Father, cause me to ascend into new realms of power and authority and access new dimensions of divine revelation.

Preserve my life from fear of the enemy. I seal these declarations in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. You will put meaning and purpose back into your life when you positively direct trkmm thoughts, words, and actions toward the realization of your goals. They are turning their lives in circles.

Your season of frustration and failure is over, and you walk in a season of success and prosperity. In the name of Jesus I declare that everything this season should bring to me must come forth.


Whatever you sow will come back to you multiplied. He checks his calculations from time to time to ensure he is always headed in the right direction, and then he keeps the steering as steady as possible heading towards his predetermined destination. Today is the dawning of a new day. The arteries of my heart, brain, and major organs are now washed free of plaque and cholesterol; I am free from the risk of stroke, hardening of the arteries, blindness, hypertension, renal failure, heart attack, angina, and chronic chest pain.

I decree and declare that in th i s battle no int r insic inte r nal or extrinsic external w eapon, be i t emotional, financi a l, s o cial, ph y s ica lpsychological, ph y s i o logical inte r pe r s ona ls pir i tual, or organi z ati o nal, f o r m ed aga i n s t me s hall pro s p e r 1Sam.

All you will ever be or accomplish hinges on how you choose to govern what comes out of your mouth. Thank you for using this website so I can read the prayer. Cause divine and fresh winds of the Holy Spirit to blow.

Let them be c o n s umed by the v e r y beasts they h a ve prepared for m e. I speak supernatural victory over chronic infections and declare healing over meningitis, osteomyelitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, myositis, and all forms of endocarditis.

Cindy Trimm: “Speak Life Into Your Situation”

The whole universe waits in anticipation for the sons and daughters of God to manifest themselves and bring it back into alignment with God’s original intent for them.


Assign them as my divine ambassadorial escorts and supernatural security. I arise in faith today knowing that You hear and answer prayer. I decree that new cycles replace old cycles. You can waste it or use it for good. Try me and know my thoughts. I will declare the decree: Routine — make sure you have a plan and stick to it and complete it.

Cindy Trimm: “Speak Life Into Your Situation”

Imagination encircles the world. I have a fresh anointing that is uncontaminated and uncompromised.

I declare t h at e v ery ly i n g tongue is wrong and that tr u t h prevail s. Annihilate death cycles and destroy cycles of failure and frustration.

Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

By Him a n d th r ough H im I ac c omplish gre a t exploit s. A s I ad v ance, I am d i v i nely empowered and i ncrease i n skil l s and unde r s tand i ng Isa.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I bind s at a nic hara s s ment and r e b uke s atanic c o n centrati o ns 2Sam. I rejoice in the new day You have given me.