Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. [German Version]. Compiled around , this Byzantine chronicle of the world ( Chronicles: I) extends to the year and is an important source for the time of. Project progress: problems which the project leader came across during the edition project of the Chronicon paschale (Textstrata, Codex Unicus errors, previous.

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It should be noted from this that the succession of the kings of Judaea had come to paschaale end. Jodae was high priest for 36 years.

Chronicon paschale

Simon the brother of Jonathan was high priest for 8 years. After this he attacked Jerusalem and was defeated by Judas Maccabaeus, the general of the Jews.

In the year of these consuls, the orator Cicero died on May 1st. In his genealogies he makes use of the Biblequoting passages from it, and also employs another, unknown, source. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. This view has been solidly refuted by Gelzer in his work on Sextus Julius Africanus. The chronicle proper is preceded by an introduction which contains some chronicln on Christian chronology and on the calculation of the Paschal cycle.

These were the high priests, who ruled over the nation starting from the completion of the restoration of the temple in the reign of Dareius chrknicon of Hystaspes, which happened in the second year of the [rd] Olympiad. Joaceim was high priest for 30 years. In his time, Antiochus besieged the Jews and forced them to adopt Greek customs. Then he was removed from the office of consul, or triumvir, by the decree of the whole Roman senate, with the agreement of his father-in-law Pompeius the Great.


Robert Appleton Company, In total, 5, years [from the creation]. Jannaeus was high priest for 32 years. In his time, Jesus the son of Sirach was in his prime. It is the first attempt at chronology of the so-called Byzantine, or Roman, Era followed by the Greek Church until modern times.

The Roman emperors were called Augusti after this Augustus. Sosibius says that at this time a certain senator of Antioch who had returned to Rome with Augustusdied and bequeathed his wealth to his home city, on condition that every five years, for the thirty days of the month of Peritiusthey should hold contests there of recitation, theatre, drama and athletics, as well as horse races.

Herodes killed Hyrcanus and bestowed the high priesthood not according to the traditional succession, but to some insignificant men. Here the author gives in Greek the version of the Fasti which the chronicles of Hydatius gives in Latin. The people and the priests of the temple met him with protests, but Apollonius cowed them with threats and forced his way into the temple. This kingdom was like a statue, whose hands and chest and arms were made of silver. Jodaethe son of Eliasibus, 36 years.

Hyrcanus rebuilt pachale walls of Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by Pompeius. Alcimus the high priest contended against Judas Maccabaeus, but before long he was struck down by a blow from Godand died.

Ptolemy Alexander, the son of Ptolemy the second Euergetes and of Cocce, was driven out of his kingdom and was killed at Myra in Lycia. Simon was high priest for 22 years.


Chronicon Paschale – Brill Reference

Eliasibus was chronjcon priest for 40 years. The Syro-Macedonians, that is the inhabitants of Apameiacount their Paschal era from the year of these consuls.

Therefore the baby was called Caesar, which in Latin chronicno “cut out”. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Like many chroniclers, the author of this popular account relates anecdotes, physical descriptions of the chief personages which at times are careful portraitsextraordinary events such as earthquakes and the pascahle of comets, and links Church history with a supposed Biblical chronology.

He dedicated his commentaries on the books of Moses to Ptolemy Philometor.

The writers enjoy describing extraordinary events, such as earthquakes and the appearance of comets. Jesus the son of Josedec was high priest along with Zorobabel for 32 years. Translated from Dindorf’s text in Migne, PG. From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty-two ‘sevens’ “.

He sent an embassy to the Romans and was recognised as their ally by a decree of the senate. Its name comes from its system of chronology based on the Christian paschal cycle ; its Greek author named it Epitome of the ages from Adam the first man to the 20th year of the reign of the most August Heraclius. Some reckon this as the first year of Augustus’ reign.