II y la catequesis: Con la Exhortacion Apostolica Catechesi tradendae . de la XXXII Asamblea Plenaria del Episcopado Espanol (Coleccion. Upcoming and On-Demand Catechetical and sacrament preparation webinars, presenting the teachings of the Catholic Church. Webinars available in Spanish. Exortação Apostólica «Catechesi Tradendae» ao Episcopado, João Paulo II. Published by Editorial A. O., Braga (). Used. Softcover. Quantity Available: 1.

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We should also mention migrants, those who are by-passed by modern developments, those who live in areas of large cities which are catechei without churches, buildings and suitable organization, and other edpaol groups.

One can understand why people of every kind, race and nation have for 2, years in all the languages of the earth given Him this title with veneration, repeating in their own ways the exclamation of Nicodemus: On March 18,he approved the General Catechetical Directory prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, a directory that is still the basic document for encouraging and guiding catechetical renewal throughout the Church.

Christifideles laici – Wikipedia

The Council of Trent cxtechesi a noteworthy example of this. The service they are doing to catechesis is beyond price. Hence the importance in catechesis of personal moral commitments in keeping with the Gospel and of Christian attitudes, whether heroic or very simple, to life and the world – what we call the Christian or evangelical virtues.

Cover to the English first edition. Retrieved from ” https: The document’s subtitle was: When educating children, adolescents and young people, let us not give them too negative an idea of faith – as if it were absolute non-knowing, a kind of blindness, a world of darkness – but let us show them that the carechesi yet courageous seeking of the believer, far from having its starting point in nothingness, in plain self-deception, in fallible opinions or in uncertainty, is based on the Word of God who cannot deceive or be deceived, and is unceasingly built on the immovable rock of this Word.

Catholic Church

In the present apostolic exhortation the words “synod,” “synod fathers” and “synod hall” always refer, unless otherwise indicated, to the fourth general assembly of the Synod of Bishops on catechesis, held in Rome in October Catechesis will have an ecumenical dimension if, in addition, it creates and fosters a true desire for unity.


Paul often condemned in his pastoral letters. Then there are the traditional missions, often too hastily dropped but irreplaceable for the periodic and vigorous renewal of Christian life – they should be revived and brought up to date. The method and language used must truly be means for communicating the whole and not just a part of “the words of eternal life” 80 and the “ways of life. Not only her geographical extension and numerical increase, but even more, her inner growth and correspondence with God’s plan depend essentially on catechesis.

Paul did this when he was dealing with a question of prime importance: Together with the Pope, in the spirit of episcopal collegiality, you too have charge of catechesis throughout the Church.

They must be ensured a catechesis attuned to them, so that they will be able to grow in faith and live by lt more and more, in spite of the lack of support or even the opposition they meet in their surroundings. This means that “catechesis” must often concern itself not only with nourishing and teaching the faith, but also with arousing it unceasingly with the help of grace, with opening the heart, with converting, and with preparing total adherence to Jesus Christ on the part of those who are still on the threshold of faith.

These groups are a source of great hope for the Church of tomorrow. Integrity of Content At a time when it is desired that the links between religious and pastors should be accentuated and consequently the active presence of religious communities and their members in the pastoral projects of the local Churches, I wholeheartedly exhort you, whose religious consecration should make you even more readily available for the Church’s service, to prepare as well as possible for the task of catechesis according to the differing vocations of your institutes and the missions entrusted to you, and to carry this concern everywhere.

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem, The fourth general assembly of the synod did not forget you. A technique is of value in catechesis only to the extent that it serves the faith that is to be transmitted and learned; otherwise it is of no value.

Genuine catechists know that catechesis “takes flesh” in the various cultures and milieux: I am anxious to give thanks in the Church’s name to all of you, lay teachers of catechesis in the parishes, the men and the still more numerous women throughout the world who are devoting yourselves to the religious education of many generations. At this point another observation must be made on the same lines but from a different point of view. However, account must always be taken of the absolute originality of faith.


AAS 58 lpp. One who teaches in this way has a unique title to the name of “Teacher. AAS 58 lp. AAS 59pp. Love and Responsibility — Catholic Online”. This catechesis is more incisive when, in the course of family events such as the reception of the sacraments, the celebration of great liturgical feasts, the birth of a child, a bereavement care is taken to explain in the home the Christian or religious content of these events.

Concluding Address to the Synod, October 29, This broad meaning of catechesis in no way contradicts but rather includes and goes beyond a narrow meaning which was once commonly given to catechesis in didactic expositions, namely, the simple teaching of the formulas that express faith.

The second lesson concerns the place of catechesis in the Church’s pastoral programs. Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum. It can happen that in the present situation of catechesis reasons of method or pedagogy suggest that the communication of the riches of the content of catechesis should be organized in one way rather than another. A Light for the World”. Thanks to the work of holy theologians such as St. They will fulfill this task all the better if they are humble pupils of the Church, the great giver as well as the great receiver of catechesis.

But the term “catechists” belongs above all to the catechists in mission lands. The principal truths of Faith and the principles of morality are contained here.

This makes more evident the role given to fspaol laity in catechesis today, always under the pastoral direction of their Bishops, as the propositions left by the synod stressed several times.

It is also one of the aims of catechesis to give young catechumens the simple but solid certainties that will help them to seek to know the Lord more and better.

Let the communities dedicate as much as possible of what ability and means they have to the specific work of catechesis.