Thalia: Über 10 Mio Bücher ❤ Immer versandkostenfrei ✓ Lieferung nach Hause oder in die Filiale ✓ Jetzt»A Programmer’s Guide to C# «online bestellen!. Eric Gunnerson One of the “late breaking” features in C# is what is known as “Nullable Types”. The details can be found in the C# language spec. Ung?ltige Konvertierung von der Zeichenfolge " in Typ Date. Buy Programmer’s Introduction to C# from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader to C# Nick Wienholt, Eric Gunnerson, Anders Hejlsberg.

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VB has Nullable types and all other generics as well.

Base Classes and Inheritance Chapter 5: The whole idea behind OOP is that you plan on reusing code. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies.

Nullable types in C# – Eric Gunnerson’s Compendium

The details can be found in the C 2. A boxed value type. You must be logged in to post a comment.


But I wonder most about why I need this? A struct wrapper that supports the concept of nullability.

June 14, at 9: May 29, at 9: The syntax can hide far more complexity and make it difficult down the line. This is convenient because SQL behaves the same way. April 8, at 1: Take a look at the whole paper at http: That is, any mathematical expression with a null value in it, returns null.

June 11, at 8: Making Friends with the. Code will become more cryptic and debugging time will increase. May 27, at 4: June 2, at Is a nullable type a child type?

Now in its fourth edition, you will find up-to-date …mehr.

Every attempt to simplify them has failed, at least in my country. OK, after skimming the MS Research paper, I see there is a lot more going on with these special operators int?

A Programmer’s Guide to C# 5.0 (eBook, PDF)

OCaml and Haskell also have type inference C really could have easily done type inference for local variables…what a shame. Though value types seem nice at first, they cause nothing but problems.


July 3, at 6: Other Class Details Chapter 8: June 8, at Nullable types address the scenario where you want to vob able to have a primitive type with a null or unknown value. NET platform has, I would have expected new languages gnnerson new class libraries instead of new features to existing languages.

Nullable types address the scenario where you want to be able to have a. May 28, at 8: January 20, at Beware, there is a real life counterpart to this: So string should be the same as string!

March 22, at 2: Do not understand why other value types cannot address null as simply as “string” does today. Indexers, Enumerators, and Iterators Chapter