The Bible Society Bookstore. 33 Central American Boulevard. Belize City, Belize. First edition. Di Nyoo Testiment in Belize Kriol. Belize, Central America. [bzj]. Forum of Bible Agencies International: Find a Bible in Belize Kriol English Alternate names: Kriol, Miskito Coast Creole English, Western Caribbean Creole . Belize Kriol English New Testament [Inc. Wycliffe Bible Translators] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vernacular Title: Di Nyoo Testiment.

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The verb “to go” is irregular in Kriol, especially when set in the future progressive. Belie future tense is indicated by employing the preverbal marker wa or a. It also does not indicate number or person.

Di Nyoo Testiment eena Bileez Kriol

It is only the emphasis of a sentence which can clarify the meaning, together with context. The tongue is more lax here than in American English, its position is more similar to British English. Adverbs are used much as they are in Standard English.

John Benjamins Publishing Company. The equative form di is used as a copula when the complement of the verb is either a noun or a noun phrase. In a noun phrase, Kriol can employ a structure of both noun and pronoun to create emphasis. There is no overt lexical marking of active and passive in Kriol. In all cases, the use of the definite article di is obligatory. Unlike most creoles, Kriol has a standardized orthography.


There are numerous theories as to how creole languages form. Population estimates are difficult; virtually all of the more than 70, Creoles in Belize speak Kriol. The correct version would krioo “luk pan”.

This is an indication of either emphasis or decreolization. The Anglo-Spanish Struggle for Mosquitia.

Belize Kriol – Bible Free Download

Superlatives are created by adding -es to the stem. The preverbal marker di expresses the progressive aspect in both past and present tense. Comparatives and superlatives are constructed according to morphosyntactic rules.

There are four forms of “be” in Kriol: The pronominal system of Standard English has a four-way distinction of person, number, gender and case. The copula is present if the superlative is used predicatively.

Di Nyoo Testiment eena Bileez Kriol

Questions usually take the same form in Kriol as they do in Bibld English: The construction of the phrases follows Standard English in many ways. The Baymen first began to settle in the area krioo Belize City in the s. When the National Kriol Council began standardizing the orthography for Kriol, it decided to promote the spelling Kriol only for the language but to continue to use the spelling Creole to refer to the people in English.


Kriol uses a high number of nasalized vowels, palatalizes non-labial stops and prenasalizes voiced stops. School Effectiveness Report p. Vowels tend to be alternated for the ones used in English, f. Initial and medial occurrences are reduced much less consistently.

Belizean Creole

Statistical Institute of Belize. It is a slightly different system of communication from the standard forms.

As such, a creole continuum exists and speakers are able to code-switch among various mesolect registers between the most basilect to the acrolect ” Mid-Atlantic ” varieties. Sometimes, the de is added to this form, f.