Bastet (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Phil Brucato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Werepanther descriptions & game statistical information. Werewolf: The Apocalypse In game terms, Bastet Gifts work just like Garou Gifts. The heart of most Gifts, as Bastet understand them, is a puzzle, some. WtA – Breedbook Bastet – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. WOD – Werewolf – The Apocalypse – Nuwisha. Uploaded by.

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By attuning himself to the shadows from which he was born, a Bastet may walk through dim or dark areas while effectively invisible.

Three successes allow him to pinpoint the silver’s s location. Violence breaks the spell, but subtle actions like sneaking away remain unnoticed until the trance ends. No shifter can spend Rage and Gnosis in the same round. Obviously, he has to have some way of reaching them first, such as a Gift, a short visit to the Penumbra, or a message typed into the doomed system.

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Bastet Gifts

Nick Parsons rated it liked it Nov 30, If the roll succeeds, a child of some kind will result. By staring into the heart of a liar, the werecat can break through his deception, shaming him badly. By calling on her heritage, apocalypsf Bastet in Homid or Sokto form can unsheathe her claws and attack as if she was in beast-form. System – Once the character learns this Gift, its effects are permanent.

Although werecats cannot normally bsatet through the Gauntlet, this Gift allows them to see through it for a short time. Once she learns this Gift, the werecat understands spirit-speech for the rest of her life, although some truly alien spirits might be beyond normal comprehension.

  CCDP 642-873 ARCH PDF

A wolf- or dog-spirit teaches this Gift. This book could have been a setting by itself. His character may hold a mental conversation with a target at a maximum distance of 10 miles per success. System – For every point of Gnosis spent, the Bastet or her friend can call for one re-roll of the dice. Caper By dancing around, a Bastet can charm bystanders into a semi-trance.

Spirit Claws Another Den-Realm Gift, this one allows a werecat to attack from the Penumbra, or to rip through the Gauntlet at an Umbral opponent, without apodalypse sideways. With a gesture or spray, a spiteful werecat can destroy crops and fertile land, spoil food or toxify drinking water. Using this Gift against other Bastet is considered deeply dishonorable, but it happens. By moaning or crying out, the Bastet may summon the local cats domestic, wild or big cats, depending on where she is to her aid.

Righteous Gaze By staring into the heart of a liar, the werecat can break through his deception, shaming him badly. Werewllf 17, Mathieu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Difficulty is the subject’s Willpower if she’s hostile to the werecat, 6 in most situations, and 4 if she’s already inclined to like or fear him.

System – The player rolls Gnosis difficulty 7 to activate the Gift.

Bastet: Nine Tribes of Twilight

Changes can include physical prowess, attractiveness, racial features, gender and age. By tapping into her inner Beast, the werecat may summon a Berserk frenzy, lashing out at everyone within range until the Gift th off.

Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Furthermore, all non-combat difficulties increase by one because of the distraction. Perfect Passage The ultimate stealth Gift; a werecat who knows this trick can travel over or through any material obstacle without leaving traces.

The trip, it is said, is faster than thought — reaching or returning to the moon takes only minutes. With this Gift, he can force others to face their inner demons, inducing insanity and madness. The difficulty of the roll is based on the following chart:. Players are advised to roleplay out their characters’ attempt to “borrow” someone else’s Gift; on top of their comedic value, such attempts can cause all kinds of new story complications….


With this Gift, a werecat can assume any human form in seconds. This Gift is said to be a birthright from Nala herself.

Trees may become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Bastet: Nine Tribes of Twilight by Phil Brucato

Once resheathed, they must be called forth again. Night Terror By standing vigil over tne sleeping person or animal, the Bastet can evoke the famous cat-fear, causing his target to have nightmares for several nights running.

A ram- or snake-spirit teaches this Gift. The character suffers no difficulty or dice-pool penalties from darkness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If he chooses, the Ahroun may spend a Gnosis point to add another 10 to his initiative roll. Any cat-spirit can teach this Gift, although werewolves who make enemies of the Bastet will have trouble finding teachers.

These puzzles often involve symbols and twisted logic; an example could be: A Gaffling of Apocalyypse teaches this Gift. Bastet who’ve set up Den-Realms use this secret to view their holdings from where they stand.