Barisan Nasional Manifesto – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. BN’s manifesto for Malaysia’s 13th General Election. The opposition can say anything they want but what we (BN) do is for the future of our country and our people. When we launch our manifesto. For the time being, the 5 May Malaysian general election (GE13) has resulted the “Alliance”, which was followed by the Barisan Nasional (BN; National .. Barisan Nasional (), GE Barisan Nasional Manifesto, online: <

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Literally, the BN promised they would: Who loves ya babeh? It is not immediately because they are simply too many negative impacts if it were to be reduced drastically. The first line of the MRT system was also completed and became fully operational in Decemberwith another line to be completed by July In the news report, BN said it had completed the construction of 15 per cent of homes, orunits, in its pledge to build one million affordable homes.

Muhyiddin is no longer Education Minister. The opposition has called for the Election Commission to set a campaigning period of no fewer than 21 days from Nomination Day.

Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week, SE Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Mr Najib has promised that his ruling coalition’s manifesto will be “the best ever for the people”. This claim is best compared against the Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum every year. This is the one where they brisan year-olds in Maths and Science. The report is a widespread analysis of the economic competencies of nations around the globe that leverages on highly detailed metrics such as internet availability, focus on math and science education, and primary school enrollment.


Seven cancer centres costing RM1. Aiyo, no wonder so many Malaysians prefer vernacular schools.

Cops patrolling a mall in Johor. Barisan Nasional elections ge14 malaysia. That is the tradition. Cases of attacks, both on non-Muslims and on Muslims, is a sign we have not been able to fully attain this promise, unless the Government puts its foot nasjonal and makes examples of people who try to stir up rifts.

You can also Sign up with email Already a member? Even so, the peace seems fragile. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Five years on, these promises have been fulfilled.

7 promises Najib made pre-GE13 and what he’s done since [UPDATE]

Reduction of car prices. But before people had a chance to celebrate life as Sedition Act-free citizens, Najib brought. Najib, Anwar and Dr. These were provided to 3, villages and1Malaysia gyms. Every year since then, the amount paid out has seen a gradual increase. Growing up in Malaysia, you might have always had the idea that you were free to practice your religion without persecution.

Well, this is naisonal a suggestion from smartvoter.

Image of car from leemotors. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 02,with the headline ‘Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week’. Go to our Malaysia GE microsite for more stories and analyses. Cabinet minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan said this could be the case, given what has happened in previous years.


We are not like the previous generation who were easily duped in that way. And inthe payout for BR1M reached a maximum of RM1, for households and RM for individuals, which has remained the same for Image from Najib Razak Twitter. Pakatan Harapan on the other hand had released theirs earlier on on 8 Marchwhich promises 10 changes within days of administration — namely getting rid of GST, standardising minimum wage, and stabilising oil prices among other important things.

We always hear about changes in the teaching syllabus. This was to be done in stages through the National Automotive Policy Not throughout la.

The government also allocates RM1.

Malaysian Parliament could be dissolved this week

Malaysia has something called the Bumiputra quota. The people should be the ones deciding whether BN has managed to deliver on its pledges,” he said.

He added that bread-and-butter issues, especially the price hike on goods, remain the top concern. The score was 2103 on BN achieving all the 16 initiatives that were promised to Malaysian voters in its 13th general election manifesto, MMO said in the report, after it obtained the BN’s report card.

Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional BN coalition says it has carried out most of the promises made in its election manifesto. For example, the cops have caught 9 suspected ISIS militants.