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Sure sign of a pathetic idiot.

Sobremesa Chronicles

No se puede dar lo que no tienes. Ordinary people lap it up,!!

In Norway the cabin crew would ask her to turn it off right a way, but here nobody seemed to mind. This article and some last minute snarls in Citgo debt sale indicate how the cash flow wheels are still turning albeit just barely inside the Palace. And even if the conversation is only a minute or two, and you just gave the person a kiss a minute or two ago, you always give them a kiss when you say goodbye. Great post, just a thing: Alizon marked it as to-read Aug 16, Everything you wrote is very accurate, we are like this, most of us.

Any government with a splinter of decency would have the wax doll vetted and disabled from any public fapriles post, for like 50 lq, just for the 4f. Kudos Alejandro for the past three postingswish I had your pen to caprioes things so impecably!! Open debate and open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans came in http: Great to hear so many positive things about Venezuelans!

But it is not that bad because you can always make some new friends while waiting for something. deo

Jackie O in her recordings fingered LBJ. Sometimes this blog appears in my screen written in helvetica light nice and most others in an ugly font with serif.

  LEY 20157 PDF

My family teacher me to say good morning, sorry, take care of our self and love other. You should see their first reaction but then again I win their trust and love!!! Some of the things you wrote nailed through my flesh and went straight to my heart to the edge I felt so proud of being a Venezuelan, I re-realized about all the good things we got to deliver to the World.

The US media and people talk this shit to death. As for the morality card, that will be a lot harder to rectify, I think.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (2017, Paperback)

I guess being neighbors, our culture isvery similar! And all that happened veneozlano the barrel at 10 Usd. How about we analyze the morality of the people on this blog? The accurate way you describe us! I laughed like crazy reading what you were explaining. Is hard for me to change that.

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It is amusing and hysterical, the way people here stay chill when the whole thing is going to shit. This is just amazing!

Venezolana es Fiel says: Se trata de que no puedes vivir en la depresion en medio de una situacion como tal… La amargura no es una opcion, aunque a ti no te guste…. The thing is that we are so dazzled and thrilled at a leader that projects sincerity and honesty and charismatic passions and is eloquent at expressing them forcefully and convincingly that we dont think much of that persons skill or competence for getting things done in a sane practical and effective mannerWe love circus performers but take for granted that such a person can have the qualities and talents to in practice achieve the tasks they are elected to perform.

We idealize too much the great individual and forget that nowadays he must have an organized group of talented strong willed individuals to do anything. Could we combine this highly spirited tendencies and qualities with some organization and social respect? The religious mumbo-jumbos used by politicians as a way to frame their goodness similar to the kissing-babies schtick and as a way to reach out to the supposed moral masses, when these politicians cannot clearly present their points, no longer has currency.


THanks for such a wonderful description of how we Venezuelans are. I think that the separation between the pols and the people who manage the oil business has to be much more drastic and strong.

What a great post!!!

La picardía del venezolano o el triunfo de Tío Conejo by Axel Capriles | LibraryThing

Please look at vision, competence, ability and ideas. The problems of course is not only that democracy usually produces mediochre leaders but that sometimes it produces deeply destructive leaders who poison and ruin the whole edifice of social and economic life.

Oh lovely, I am Venezuelan and I agree in most of what you wrote, but I am just curious about something: I do however think we have 2 good role models — people who are willing to risk their own welfares to stand on principle…. Sabes lo peor que le puede pasar a uno de nosotros? You probably made the effort to read my comment fully and digest it not like some idiots here that are not even Venezuelans and have never lived there.

I think that person cares about Venezuela and would like to see an improvement. Thus, literally illustrated and represented in a work, “the rogue is going to be an image that gives an account or expresses a series of behaviors, of mood, of emotions, that is, a psychic complexity.