In order to compose “Autoritratto”, Carla Lonzi recorded conversations directly, availing herself of the then new technology of the tape recorder. Carla Lonzi by Carla Subrizi Carla Lonzi’s book Autoritratto (Self-portrait) was published by De Donato. A polyphonic self-portrait. The life and work of Carla Lonzi (–) is inseparable from the cultural, political, and social history of Italy in the decades.

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Through the passing of seasons.

Now You Can Go: On Feminist Generations, Affective Withdrawal and Social Reproduction

Lonzi and Consagra never married. To better understand the practice of consciousness-raising and how it was inseparable from the private and public, everyday life and theory, personal experience and intimate narration, it is worth considering the life autorutratto Carla Lonzi as a pioneer of the Italian feminist movement lonsi an art critic.

One could say that the book is an alternative, fragmentary, and subjective history of Italian art in the s, a sort of history of and in the present. Well, I guess that your experience as a student is a very typical one.

Finding Resonances with Carla Lonzi, Giovanna Zapperi by Federica Bueti

How can cwrla bring Lonzi back into a debate on art and artistic practices today, so as to prevent her legacy from being erased from the history of art twice?

It focuses on the concept of subjectivity. Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Download the full event programme below.

For example, on August 14,she writes:. In other words, intellectual production cannot become politically useful until the separate spheres of competence to which, according to the bourgeois view, the process of intellectual production owes its order, lozi been surmounted; more precisely, the barriers of competence must be broken down by each of the productive forces they were created to separate, acting in concert.


This allowed the autorihratto to abandon the suspicion that the absence of men from the meetings meant that men, with their argumentations, would have made us clam up. Chiara Fumai, “Shut Up, Actually Talk”Performance – photo courtesy Villa Medici Here the self-portrait even comes together and then is broken up, placing itself on the fragile boundaries of psyche, history and collective memory.

Pietro Consagra, her companion of many years; Carla Accardi, with whom she founded Rivolta Femminile 4 ; her sister Marta, who was autorittatto part of the group.

A Sicilian Mediation 4 Dec Skip to site navigation Skip to blog entries Skip to archive page Skip to left sidebar Skip to right sidebar. Notify me of aautoritratto comments via email. There is nothing related. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Unlike Carla Lonzi, they were not ready to undermine their own institutional role.

Welcome Into The Coven of Heretics! I found a beautiful poem in her diary: Indeed, the visual content of Dictee operates by way of sutoritratto. The last point I would like to emphasize is that despite her detachment from the artistic arena, Lonzi s feminist writings are punctuated with reflections on art and sexual difference.

We Are All Clitoridian Women: Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy

This article is posted in: The contradictory amalgam of consonance and difference stirred by crla image of St. Rivolta Femminile was launched by Lonzi, an art critic and Accardi, an artist, on the basis of their refusal to position themselves exclusively and professionally within the art world.


ArticlesBlogEvents Tagged with: I would prefer a kind of theme. These texts are not only among Italian feminism s most important documents, they also represent feminist experiments with writing, creativity and knowledge production in which Lonzi reinvents a number of traditionally minor forms of expression: Lonzi’s “Writings on Xutoritratto is a diary-like work written between the years of and Dialogo con Pietro Consagra Now you lobzi go: By the end of the book, farewells have become inevitable.

Lonzi, who died in at the age of 51, became one of the founding figures of Italian feminism, and the author of a number of provocative texts and manifestos; in she also published her monumental journal under the title Taci, anzi parla: Retrieved from ” https: Help Center Find new research papers in: In this practice of self-awareness and consciousness-raising, the desire to express oneself, when shared with others and their experiences, is transformed into a political act that demands space acrla the realms of the private and urges lonsi change.

Joan of Arc Accomplishing Her Mission.

Lonzi delivers her objections from the standpoint of the human relationship as a means without an end. The answers in this work were set up and displayed without their questions, which were replaced by points of ellipsis.

Here again, therefore, technical progress is, for the author as producer, the basis of his political progress.