Download: MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P P P P P P – Easergy MiCOM P44x. Alstom Generator Protection relay Micom P (Numerical relay),Alstom- Transmission-P,MiCOM Agile P, P & P (Distance Protection Systems). MiCOM P, P and P Numerical Full Scheme Distance Relays . range of protection functions listed in the table, the P, P and.

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That logic manage the start of the OOS by the monitoring of the sign of the biphase loops: Thus, heating is directly proportional to current squared. The execution of the PSL logic is event driven; the logic is processed whenever any of its inputs change, for example as a result of a change in one of the digital input signals or a trip output from a protection element. Uncommitted settings are cancelled when power is lost, and reports requested by connected clients are reset and must be re-enabled by the client when it next creates the new association to the relay.

Each section also gives an extract from the respective menu columns to demonstrate how the settings are applied to the relay.

MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P P P P P P | Schneider Electric

When the desired new value has been reached it is confirmed as the new setting value by pressing. Function key functionality figure 3: Each spur of the K-Bus twisted pair wiring can be up to m in length and have up to 32 relays connected to it. Are familiar with the installation, commissioning, and operation of the equipment and of the system to which it is being connected; Are able to safely perform switching operations in accordance with accepted safety engineering practices and are authorized to energize and de-energize equipment and to isolate, ground, and label it; Are trained in the care and use of safety apparatus in accordance with safety engineering practices; Are trained in emergency procedures first aid.


These are known as direct access keys. As shown in figure 5, the top row of each column contains the heading which describes the settings contained within that column. When the reset time of the overcurrent relay is instantaneous the relay may not trip until the fault becomes permanent. It can be shown that temperatures during heating follow exponential time constants and a similar exponential decrease of temperature occurs during cooling.

Its comprehensive range of measurement, control and monitoring features enhance power system diagnostics and fault analysis.

NRC Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd.

X is shown below: It is possible to apply a negative phase sequence overcurrent relay to detect the above condition. X, The second stage earth fault overcurrent element can be configured as inverse p4422. Where t is shown in the diagram this signifies the time o442 associated with an element. Such faults result in an appreciable increase in current and hence in the majority of applications are easily detectable. Disposal It is recommended that incineration and disposal to water courses is avoided.

Reference should be made to the external connection diagram before the equipment is installed, commissioned or serviced. The second stage includes IDMT curves.

We provide mission-critical solutions to manage electrical transmission and distribution grids, including telecoms and energy trading management. Establishing the fault direction Only a fault can generate superimposed values; therefore, it is possible to determine direction by measuring the transit direction of the superimposed energy.


MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P441 P442 P443 P444 P445 P446

Hence a change in the state of one of the inputs must be maintained over at least half a cycle before it is registered with the protection and control software. Under the top hinged cover: The element can be set with both alarm and trip stages.

The majority of faults on overhead lines are transient or semi-permanent in nature, and multi-shot autoreclose cycles are commonly used in conjunction with instantaneous tripping elements to increase system availability. The Editor first reads in the model number of the connected relay, and then compares it with the stored model alstim.

The Listed alstim shall be a Class J time delay fuse, with a maximum current rating of 15 A and a minimum d.

These can arise from broken conductors, maloperation of single phase switchgear, or the operation of fuses. The A D aalstom provides bit resolution and a serial data stream output. Another type of unbalanced fault which can occur on the system is the series or open circuit fault.

Each new message is re-transmitted at user-configurable intervals until the maximum interval is reached, in order to overcome possible corruption due to interference, and collisions. Indexed strings for Courier and the user interface are cross referenced to the Menu Datatype Definition section using a G Number.