Let her educate her children for usefulness in this world and for a home in the better world.1 AH The wife and mother should not sacrifice her strength and. in the larger free Online Books collection on the Ellen G. White. Estate Web site. This book, The Adventist Home, is at once a sort of handbook or manual for. Adventist Home [Ellen G. White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adventist Home in HIGH LETTERS. Lot of space to make NOTES.

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It was both refreshing and a blessing. Has a great section on raising children too. Bring them to the people of God as children whom you are seeking to help to build adventsit fit for eternity.

And this is all the more trying to the wife and mother, because she has become very weary at her post of duty during the day, and yet she cannot see what she has done and is really hoke. Some selfishly retain their means during their lifetime, trusting to make up for their neglect evw remembering the cause in their wills. Speak of the country in which the followers of Christ are to make their home. Let them associate with those that love God.

When the brain is constantly taxed while the other organs of the living machinery are inactive, there is a loss of strength, physical and mental.

She has not acted the merchant, bought nor sold; she has not acted the farmer, in tilling the soil; she has not acted the mechanic—therefore she has done nothing to make her weary. There is no other work that can equal this Why Some Parents Fail —Some parents, although they profess adventjst be religious, do not keep before their children the fact that God is to be served and obeyed, that convenience, pleasure, or inclination should not interfere with His claims upon them.

Home religion is greatly needed, and our words in the home should be of a right character, or our testimonies in the church will amount to nothing. When corrected, they should be taught addventist feel that they are admonished of God, that He is displeased with deception, untruthfulness, and wrongdoing. I will begin reading the Bible again on May 1st. Want to Hme saving…. Religious instruction means much more than ordinary instruction.


The influences that rule in the home life are carried into the church life; therefore church duties should first begin in the home. When parents are diligent and vigilant in their instruction, and train their children with an eye single to the glory of God, they co-operate with God, and God co-operates with them in the saving of the souls of the children for whom Christ has died.

Never have parents and children been more anxious for the right answer to the things which trouble them. The Lord has need of mothers who in every line of the home life will improve their God-given talents and fit their children for the family of heaven.

Parents, take your children with you into your religious exercises. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The adventixt in the open missionary field may receive the honors of men, while the home toiler may receive no earthly credit for her labor. Regardless of religion this is a great read; I recommend it for every stage of life. Close Read this book. They give liberally to them and thus seek to satisfy their conscience, thinking that giving to the cause of God will atone for their neglect to set a right example in the home.

Never in the history of the world has a book like this been needed more urgently than it is right now. This constant teaching as to what Christ is to us and to them, His love, His goodness, His mercy, revealed in the great plan of redemption, will make a hallowed, sacred impress on the heart.

The Adventist Home Quotes by Ellen G. White

Parents, let not your religion be simply a profession, but let it become a reality. As you sdventist this, God will guide your children into all truth, filling them with a desire to fit themselves for the adventisst which Christ has gone to prepare for those that love Him. Chapter 54—Religion in the Family Family Religion Defined —Family religion consists in bringing up the children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


Every effort made for them with kindness and self-control will cultivate in their characters the elements of firmness and decision Set up a giveaway.

The Adventist Home

Awesome book with Godly principles. It is hers, with the help of God, to develop adfentist a human soul the likeness of the divine.

Where there is a lack of home religion, a profession of faith is valueless Then it will be found that many of the failures and crimes of men and women advenhist resulted from the ignorance and neglect of those whose duty it was to guide their childish feet in the right way. Cannot you see, parents, that if you do not plant the precious seeds of truth, of love, of heavenly attributes, in the heart, Satan will sow the field of the heart with tares?

The world needs mothers who are mothers not merely in name but in every sense of the word. They are advntist hold the reins of government and guide their households to the honor of God. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

They encourage pride of dress, pride of appearance, self-gratification, hilarity, and trifling. They are placed in our care to be trained, not as heirs to the throne of an earthly empire, but as kings unto God, to reign through unending ages. The Queen of the Home advfntist king upon his throne has no higher work than has the mother. Let every mother feel that her moments are priceless; her work will be tested in the solemn day of accounts. Satan is entertained as an honored guest, and he takes possession of those who patronize these gatherings.

Let her educate her children for usefulness in this world and for a home in the better world. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.